June 27th, 2005


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Woke up feeling very sad today, for reasons I can't really get into. And then I realized that, despite a lunch date today, I have no cash. Wah.

Dude, I could use some of this right now.

Saturday: Angsty breakfast--angstfast, if you will--with Mom. George went fishing with his son, Michael, so I got called in to pinch-hit for their weekly breakfast at Chappy's, because the waitresses miss them if they don't. Anyway, it was a lot of Stressful Mommy Talk. You know how it is. Have you done this, are you going to do that, so on and so forth. And then there was grocery shopping.

Announcement: If you get any email from info@dailydigest.net, or really ANYTHING@dailydigest.net that isn't "cleolinda," it's spam. Particularly if it says something about a password or "Your Account is Suspended" (we don't HAVE accounts!) and has an attachment. I'm really angry that they're spoofing my website address to snooker people, so if you happen to recognize that, it's not from me.

Sunday: Mmm, chocolate chip muffins.

School: So, I made an A on my paper--astonishingly fast turnaround on that one, but I made a 90 ("could have used more historical background, but otherwise great as usual") and an A for the class. Yay!

Vladimir's still having fun in Singapore; I'm having a pretty good time pretending I'm at the beach, out in the backyard by the pool. (Yes, pool. Now you know why I'm still living at home "while I'm in school and writing my first book." God bless my parents.)

Software you need: I just backed up all my journals (comments, too!), and it was beautiful. Also, if you have a journal at JournalFen? You might want to get over there and back it up. Shit's going down over there.

Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power. A must-read from Time magazine, 1991. Scariest part: the harassment the writer himself endured when the "Church" caught wind of the article he was writing.

What I'm listening to right now:
Ginger Ale ft. Sondre Lerche, "Wrong Reasons"
Really snazzy song. Very summer, in a retro kind of way.

Imogen Heap, "Goodnight and Go"
Actually, the file name has "frou frou" in it, but the track tag says "Imogen Heap." So I don't know. Really cute song, though.

Gwen Stefani, "What You Waiting For (Jacques Lu Cont TWD Mix)"
Funny, it reminds me a lot of the time-travel music in Prisoner of Azkaban--the ticking. Also, does not include the line "You stupid ho." This may be a plus or a minus for you.

Catherine Wheel, "Sparks Are Gonna Fly"
I don't even remember where I got this from, but I really like it.

The Servant, "Cells (Lunged Instrumental Mix)"
Don't forget to pop over to http://www.theservant.co.uk and get your official instrumental version, by the way.

Off to scrounge for change in the couch cushions or something.

ETA: Dammit, I just burned my waffles.