July 16th, 2005


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God, I'm tired. We got out of the movie (more on that tomorrow, but yes, it was good. I think my favorite part was Christopher Lee going through Little Willy Wonka's Halloween candy. Never has the word "caramel" sounded so evil) and got some dinner and by then it was ten pm and already I'm kind of tired. Well, probably because my blood sugar had crashed, but I had a bagel pretty late in the afternoon, and there wasn't anything else I could do about it. And then we drove out to the Summit and really, there was no point in leaving and going anywhere else, because everything was either closed or too far away. So basically, we faffed around a Barnes & Noble for two hours solid. On the upside, I did run into enthroned and some of her friends, so we all killed a little time chatting. (Here's how smooth I am: "Faeriekitty--that's your Livejournal name? ... Man, that's the dumbest question ever. 'No, it's my middle name.' Gah, I'm sorry.") Sister Girl, who was with a guy friend of hers and therefore completely unhelpful in the Department of Keeping Me Company, had not preregistered, so she was in the Orange Wristband line in the music section on the other end of creation; I was up front in one of the Seven Mystical Lines of the Yellow Band. There were approximately 250 people wedged between the registers and the bargain shelves up at the front of the store, and if you've ever been to this store, you can imagine how hellishly hot the crowding got up there. Fortunately I'd bought a liter bottle of water back in the music section (which had been turned into some kind of impromptu bake sale), or I probably would have died. Like, seriously: tell the sherpas to go on, take my pack and leave me here, eat me if you run out of food. And poor Em didn't even get to the bookstore until after I'd left--she'd gone to the Art on the Rocks thing (what is it? I'm still not quite sure) and, as it so often does, shit happened. So I'm on the phone in the car all like, "Yeah, get a wristband at the front door and look for the guy with the bullhorn, can't miss him. I think the TV cameras will have left by the time you get there." In summary: Not really all that much to do, other than free crossword puzzles, "story time," and a Guess the Number of Jellybeans thing ("Shit! What were the numbers! Guess the numbers!") but the staff was great about the whole ordeal. In the end, it was this strange combination of boring and crazy. Having seen the whole thing for myself, finally--unless the next book release is just bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s, because it's the last book, I think I'm going to just get the book from Amazon with express shipping.

I really want to start reading now, but I'm too tired. Sigh.

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