August 24th, 2005


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Horoscope of Irony:

Quickie: Fun and romance are on the menu, and that's plenty of food for thought.

Overview: Social butterfly -- hah! You're more like a social eagle. You've got it covered from planning the party to making sure that the mix of guests and the music selection are just right. Party on!

Daily extended (by
You're one of the most fun-loving signs in the zodiac, and right now that zippy, lighthearted energy that's your signature is turned up to eleven. Even routine trips to the grocery store become fabulous adventures in the unexplored when you bring your unique perspective and love of laughter. Is it any wonder people are clamoring to be in your presence? Your charming self is off the charts when it comes to personal magnetism.
Right now, my "personal magnetism" is at the level of "Nnnnngh, is it time to get up already?" So... whatever.

Once again, I am horribly behind on updating (the new) Digest. But it's a journal now, so it's easy and it doesn't matter! I can just fire up Semagic any time I want to! I can become a totally dedicated poster any time I want to! I figure that if I tell myself this using enough exclamation points, I will believe it eventually!

Class the other day was okay--it was one of those fortunately/unfortunately days, you know? Like, unfortunately, another class had mistakenly laid claim to our room. Fortunately, our professor totally pulled rank and kicked them out, which was awesome. Unfortunately, I proceeded to spill most of a Mountain Dew on my table. Fortunately, Tabitha handed me something to wipe it up with. Unfortunately, that something was a piece of notebook paper. Fortunately, the paper at least... sort of did the job. Unfortunately, when I gathered my things at the end of class, I had a small pool of soda underneath my notebook. Fortunately, Tabitha was one of a few people I already knew from other classes, so that's nice. Unfortunately, the class is, once again, mostly female. Fortunately, the professor knocked a couple of books off the syllabus. Unfortunately, there was another book entirely that wasn't at the bookstore, so I didn't even know we had to read it, and it's turned out to be kind of rare. Fortunately, it's totally 19th-century sensation fic in the vein of The Quaker City, which, as you may recall, I loved. Unfortunately, we're not reading that first--we're reading Melville's Typee. Fuckin' Melville. Fortunately, Typee is vaguely hilarious, particularly the part where the two sailors run away from the ship and... neglect to bring food with them. And then the brilliant part where they try to get through a recalcitrant stand of canes/reeds by throwing themselves at it, and after about twenty minutes of crushing their way into the thicket, finally turn to each other and say, "Hey, don't we have knives?" GENIUS.

We then wound up the class with the fortunate announcements that we will have informal "responses" for each book, rather than a midterm paper, and that the professor has decided that presentations kind of suck, with which I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE, so none of those, either. So I have to think that the class, on the whole, comes out higher on the positive side of the chart. Which is a good thing, because I have it again in about an hour.


Obituaries at the Six Feet Under official site.

From a friend of a friend: Beginner's Guide to BPAL.

Defamer is saying that this is a parody. I don't care. If it isn't true, as a friend of mine quipped, it should be.

Whee, fun things! (Supposedly the Sloganizer changes every thirty seconds. I have totally added it to my info page.)

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