September 19th, 2005


The Attack of Moodzilla

AUGH. I am going to stab my DVD player, because there aren't up/down/left/right selection buttons on the player itself, and the remote has decided to DIE, because apparently new batteries aren't GOOD ENOUGH for the FUCKING LITTLE BASTARD. Is it too much to ask, really, to let me watch the Lost extras? Is it? I ASK YOU.

(Did I come up with "Sawyerland," or is that something the writers actually had Sawyer say? Because I have a feeling Sawyer said it, but that I would have mentioned it in a recap, and I can't find any reference to him actually saying it. Oh, and the search function on LJ user info pages? SUCKS.)

Also: Yes, I missed Talk Like a Pirate Day. Mostly because I felt bad and not piraty. Which makes me very sad, because I really look forward to pirate-talking online all day long each year. Sad and ANGRY.

(I swear to you, I was not this angry all day. I was fine until about ten minutes ago.)

Oh, and I locked myself out of my fucking online bank account, because apparently my username/password is not what I thought it was, and I tried so many different combinations that the site decided I was a hacker, and now I have to CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THE PHONE NOOOOOOOOOOO. Seriously, I'm half joking and I'm half serious here. I hate phones.

(Maybe I really have been cranky all day and just didn't know it...?)

Oh, P.S.: I seem to have lost my backlog of linkspam, Katrina and otherwise, in a Semagic crash, woe. So I will simply give you what I have:

Money Earmarked for Evacuation Redirected.

New Orleans Suspends Reopening of City.

angelic_oni: "Have you seen this excellent Lost site? You should totally pimp it out, because I'm not sure lots of people have heard about it. Click on the "Untold: Step into the Subconscious" and you go on interactive tours through the lives/minds of the castaways. Some of it is frightening (Claire's, Locke's and Sayid's especially... oh, and Jack's has a strange kind of Donnie Darko-esque feel with the rabbit) but all of it is pretty excellent and gets me extremely hyped for the new season."

The Cthulhu Awareness Ribbon.

I'm not sure what's going on here, besides short films, and a pleasantly spooky web design.

katieupsidedown (who gave us the meme that spawned Cleo Sue, by the way): "Cleo, dear, I know it hasn't been that long since I requested something, but next time you're doing pimpage could you possibly pimp out </a></font></b></a>emoawards? It's funny as heck, and needs more members."

So, uh, I didn't watch the Emmys, because I think of them as The Boring Awards Show, partly because I don't watch much TV so I don't care about who wins and I totally forgot that Lost was up for so many things, and... I didn't get the memo that the show was going to be cracked ouuuuuuuuut. Thus, I am grateful to Diego Zanzibar for a link to Emmy Idol downloads. I have a guilty fondness for "Fame," and... yeah. (Warning: image of Donald Trump singing "Green Acres" may scar you for life.)

Random thoughts: "Heaven" (you know, that old Bryan Adams song) came up on my mp3 player and I had this weird urge to hear it covered by someone like Nick Cave or something. Like, the chorus is pretty awesome to belt out at one's desk, not that I spent this afternoon doing that or anything, but the verses are crap. "Once in your life you find someone who will turn your world around, bring you up when you're feeling down"? "There's lots that I could say, but just hold me now, 'cause our love will light the way"? Are you kidding me? (It probably doesn't help that the melody at this point just kind of sags and doesn't really support the lyrics in any way, so you're left with nothing but the bald crapitude of the words.) But now imagine Nick Cave singing the same lines. Possibly sounding like he just escaped from prison. Yeah. It's a hell of a lot different now, isn't it? "And baby you're all that I want, when you're lying here lifeless in my arms , I'm finding it hard to believe we're in heaven because I was, after all, convicted of six counts of first-degree homicide. And lovin' is all that I need, and I found it there in your heart still beating in my fist; it isn't too hard to see by the light of the oncoming police sirens we're in heaven--WHOOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOOOA!"

You can hear it, can't you?

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, Spreadshirt has possibly thrown a wrinkle, or a wrench, or whatever, into the CafePress situation. The good news is they have black t-shirts and good prices. The bad news is that vectors are involved.

Advantages: Printing also available on dark textiles


  • Only one or two colors per design
  • No color blending possible
  • A vector file must be submitted (using Corel Draw, Illustrator, PageMaker, FreeHand)
  • Designs must be checked before being released, the design will be available for printing after one workday
I don't even have any of those programs. (I don't think...?) I think we might be able to pop over there occasionally for special t-shirt designs or fabric colors, but if it's okay with y'all, I may try to work within CafePress's design limits--I mean, they can do any colors we want on the designs, just not so much in terms of the shirts themselves. And I cannot bring myself to believe that CafePress will not someday offer black shirts, because that's ridiculous, and maybe if enough of us lobby for them, they'll see the light. I'll see if I can figure out what the hell is going on over there, but if you want to hold off on buying shirts from CafePress until we figure it out, that's perfectly all right.


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