September 29th, 2005

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I have felt like crap all day, including but not limited to breaking out in a cold sweat at the grocery store and nearly blacking out, so you're going to have to wait a bit longer for the Lost recap.

Mom's having knee surgery tomorrow. It's a short, common procedure, and she'll be back at work on Monday. But still. I'm probably going to be running around for her a good bit this weekend, so you may not hear from me much. Or maybe you will. There's no telling.

(Have been having weird food cravings all day--starch, mostly. I really, really wanted bread pudding or rice pudding, which is really weird considering that I've never had bread pudding or rice pudding. I also felt a deep urge to try out a shortbread recipe [can you make shortbread with margarine, or is there just really no point to that? I can't remember if Sister Girl has any more butter around from baking or not] and possibly a gingerbread recipe to take to class. You know, when I have it again next week. Why am I so bake-y all of a sudden? And then I found and was in big trouble. Which reminds me: 101 Great British Foods, a must-read.)

Got a Click-n-Ship notification for a BPAL order, which is exciting--it might be the big Carnaval Noir order I made a while back.

Also got an email from my editor, who says that my copies of the book are on the way over. That's going to be surreal. If I can get my camera phone to work (it works; it just doesn't want to send pics to my email so I can post them, which is kind of the point of having it), I'll post a picture of them when they get here.


Had a request last night, so: Charlie makes faces at the baby, who seriously does have a turniphead.

"The Feel Good Hit Of The Summer!"

Flight attendants outraged over Jodie Foster film. (Warning: major spoilers, apparently.)

The Penny Arcade boys vs. Harlan Ellison. "I said that I had [in fact 'at least finished high school'], but you couldn’t really hear me because the audience is laughing at me along with Harlan. So once they stop, I turn to him and I say, 'While I’ve got you here I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Star Wars stuff you wrote.'" OH NOOOOO.

*writes that one down*

(I in no way condone PA fans' subsequent trolling on Ellison's website or the remarks about his wife. I'm just saying.)

It's Banned Book Week and nobody told me! Bonus: Astonishingly stupid reasons why these books were challenged.

And now I'm off to find something to eat. Be afraid.

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