October 2nd, 2005

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Quickie: Dealing with authority is hard, especially when they know less than you. Be safe.

Overview: You're mulling over a professional decision, and it's a tough one. You know it's eventually going to involve changing not just your career, but also your personal life. If you're ready to make it all happen, start with step one.

Daily extended (by astrology.yahoo.com)
When it comes to your profession, you're picky. In all other departments ... well, it's touch and go. At the moment, you're trying to decide whether or not to let one part of a current project slide so that the rest of it will turn out well. Don't kid yourself. You're not happy with what you're doing, and you're hoping someone will see that and be smart enough to reassign you. Why not mention it first?

This makes me really nervous, because it doesn't sound like anything that's going on... right now.

My mother is driving us all insane. She is genetically incapable of relaxing for any length of time, and has been driving us nuts with her schemes to get up and "do something." Yesterday I was reading for class and I'm thinking, "Well, at least here upstairs I'm safe," and then I hear her AT THE DOOR all like, "Hiiiiiii, I just wanted to check on youuuuuu." A whole shitload of "WHAT THE HELL?!" followed, and I had to drag her away from Sister Girl's door before she tripped over the monitor on the floor (SG is doing some cleaning herself now) and destroyed the other knee. Today I come downstairs to fix lunch and she's all like, "What are you doing?"

"Fixing lunch...?"

"What are you going to be doing?"

I swear to God, this better not be about cleaning. "I can do anything you need me to do...?"

"We're going to the grocery store. You're going to help me get out to the garage past George--he's downstairs."


So Sister Girl and I go to the store, after we have vetted Mom's list, which in her handwriting apparently requests nuk, Edlarias and haneybut, among other things. Which reminds me: first thing we went to Wal-Mart, which--seriously, don't do that on a Sunday. I had completely forgotten that Wal-Marting is a recreational Sabbath activity around here. Between all the cars coming and going and the carts and the shoppers and the families and the strollers and the jaywalkers, it was a good three days before we even crossed the Bataan Death Lot, and another week before we had bushwhacked our way into the electronics department. (Yes, the weather's great here on October 12th, why do you ask?) Sister Girl wanted an Aly and AJ CD; I wanted a new pair of headphones because my current pair, fairly new, broke yesterday. Seriously, the headband snapped right above the ear. It's the second pair in a row I've had do that, and I'm furious. I'll tell you what it is--it's because my ears are uneven. Shut up, they are! One's further ahead than the other! And it puts stress on the plastic until eventually they snap. And they were really nice, too--the kind that have leathery ear-covers and nice long cords and now I've got a $5 pair that just has some weak-ass foam until I can figure out who makes a pair that could survive an elephant stampede, because this is so not on.

So finally we get back with the CD and the headphones and the milk and Cheerios (both plain and honey-nut). And I said fuck it and bought myself some Walker's shortbread.


An "inspired by" soundtrack for the Narnia movie? I have this horrible fear that it has the stink of Scott Stapp all over it.

American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino Reveals She's Illiterate.

Peter Jennings leaves estate of over $50 million.

Oh, shit. I am in so much trouble now. (How can they give jewelry away for "free" [shipping and handling only]? Read the FAQ. I cracked when they posted moonstone earrings. Apparently the actual jewelry is way smaller than it appeared, but I'm actually in the mood for something small and subtle, so it works out. Also: great idea for Christmas gifts.)

File-Sharing Doomed, DOOMED!, Warns Exec.

Scientists Discover 10th Planet's Moon:  "Brown labeled the object a planet and nicknamed it Xena after the lead character in the former TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. The moon was nicknamed Gabrielle, after Xena's faithful traveling sidekick."

Petition against mining camels for their nose-balloons.

P.S. Gypsy Queen is the best thing evah that is not Midway. It's like lemonade incense.

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