October 16th, 2005


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Sorry about the icons going belly up on m15m--had to throw another $9 at Photobucket because my three months of paid account had expired.

arpeggiodreams: "God forbid we teach the girls to like themselves!"

hulamoth: "In case you're interested (of course you don't have to post it!), here's one for No Nonsense in November - activism against proposed Constitutional Amendment 21 in Texas, which would define marriage as solely between a man and a woman. The particular wording of the amendment might have bad effects for common law marriages, as well as for gay couples with adopted children."

Wife of Calif. defense attorney and TV legal analyst Daniel Horowitz found slain.

Bigfoot Conference in Texas Draws Hundreds.

Anti-White Supremacist Protesters Riot in Toledo, Ohio.

L.I. Principal Cancels 'Bacchanalian' Prom. "Kenneth M. Hoagland had heard all the stories about prom-night debauchery at his Long Island high school: Students putting down $10,000 to rent a house in the Hamptons for a weekend bash. Pre-prom cocktail parties followed by a trip to the dance in a limo loaded with liquor. Fathers chartering a boat so their kids could go out on a late-night 'booze cruise.' Enough was enough, Hoagland said. So the principal of Kellenberg Memorial High School fired off a 2,000-word missive to parents at the start of the school year informing them that the Catholic school would no longer put on the spring prom." I gotta say, the man has a point.

Police: Women Brawl Over Microwaving Soup. That soup better have been chunky, man.


Way back in March, you posted this - a link to a virtual pets game. I know you had problems getting it to work at the time and haven't logged in since April, but I was one of your referrals that stuck around and I've been active since then. The site has grown by leaps and bounds (we hit 100k users last month) and there's loads more to do now and most of the more annoying bugs have been fixed.
ANYWAY. They've just introduced their associate program:
"With the GoPets Associates Program, you can earn a reward for the purchases made by the users you refer. Whenever a user you invited buys Gold Shells or a Premium Subscription, you will automatically be received a percentage of their purchase amount. You can choose to receive your reward in Gold Shells, cash, or even donate your earnings to charity!"

The rewards aren't retroactive - unfortunately - but I believe you referred a number of users who are still active and who are continuing to subscribe (hi!). With your current charity efforts, I thought it would be good to let you know that you have yet another way to get people to make donations if you pimp out your referral link.

Besides, Cookie misses you. Aw, kitty.

Cookie! And I got her to work this time! Maybe it's the patches they added; maybe it's that I'm running GoPets on the new computer now. But I am on the site now, and updating the GoPets blog with random Cookie thoughts and observations every now and then.

As for the program, there's a part of me that says, "Charity, of course!"... and a part of me that wants it in gold shells, because damn, is that food expensive.

I already loved Keira Knightley, but now I have to see Domino.

Did I admire "Domino"? In a sneaky way, yes. It's fractured and maddening, but it's alive. It begins with the materials of a perfectly conventional thriller. It heeds Godard's rule that "all you need for a movie is a girl and a gun." It gives us Keira Knightley in a role all the more astonishing because I've just seen her in "Pride and Prejudice." It not only stars Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken, but uses them instead of just gawking at them. It blows up a Las Vegas casino, and it's a real one, not a fictional one. And it contains the line "I'll never tell you what it all meant," as if anyone could. Seeking guidance in understanding the movie's manic narrative, I poked around online, and discovered in one review the explanation that the movie "totally challenges the bourgeois notion of the nuclear family."

Hee, more from Ebert in his letters section, on Flightplan: "I got a lot of complaints like yours, including a masterpiece of analysis by Andy Ihnatko of Boston that was so thorough I believe he even disproved the existence of the movie itself."

Oh, good Lord, Madame Alexander goes LOTR. 

Larger version of the Daniel Craig Bond pic.

Tons of HP&GOF pics.

virtuistic: Excellent Wikipedia list of Latin phrases. Also: "I was just wondering if you would be so kind as to pimp a community for me? It's invadetheglades, for ABC's Invasion, and it's still very wee." Well, I'd say that's of community interest, so up it goes.

A must for your next eHissy: The Lurkers Support Me in Email.

Oh shit, you guys! The Yule BPAL update is live, and we are all so screwed.

The price per bottle for out Limited Edition Yuletide scents are $16.00 per 5ml of the Cracked Bell, Herr Drosselmeyer, G'Poppet 2005, Hearth 2005, Jacob's Ladder, Lick It, Midnight Mass, Midwinter's Eve 2005, Mistletoe 2005, Nuclear Winter, the Peacock Queen, the Rat King, Rose Red 2005, Snow Bunny, Snow White 2005, Stardust, Sugar Cookie 2005, Talvikuu, and Yuletide 2005. A portion of all profits from the Yule LE series will be split between the Humane Society US Disaster Center and Running Wild in the Night / Covenant House.

Sol, the first of the Musica Universalis Revisited [aka Celestial] scents, is a harbinger for both the inception of TAL, and also the BPAL Three-Year Anniversary Shindig. More details will come later. For now, all you need to know is that Sol is $15, as is Beaver Moon, and they both are impless and come in 5ml’s only. Sol comes down at the same time Beaver Moon does. Sorry, guys, it has to be a one-nighter on this scent, too.

I wanted to get Al Araaf and Haunted Palace from the Poe section, and I have been waiting on tenterhooks for the foody Christmas scents--Gingerbread Poppet, Sugar Cookie, and Midwinter's Eve in particular--so I am so. so. screwed. (And everyone raves about Snow White, and Stardust sounds interesting, and Snow Bunny is supposed to be light, and I like that kind of thing... NO! NO! BAD WALLET!)

Also? Beaver Moon is cheesecake and cupcakes. Think about it.

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An entry entirely about GoPets

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Affiliate/joining link for great yay.

By the way, you guys who play--roughly how many shells do you have, and how did you get them? I'm trying to figure out if having 20 gold shells and however many green shells I can earn playing with pets is normal, or if there are activities I'm just not seeing.

ETA: Since people are asking: My icon is from unpublished John Howe bookcovers for The Amber Spyglass. I think it's mislabeled on my icons page as Alan Lee's work.

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