October 27th, 2005

galadriel decipher

Random thoughts

Ahhhhh, a big ol' Law & Order: Criminal Intent marathon last night. Nice.

I had forgotten how much I like peach fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. It's like sunshine floating in a sour cloud.

Hey! It's the Ted the caver story!

Ah, the Chewbacca defense.

I can't get the GoPets client to work, for some reason--it crashes when I try to log in. Woe.

Okay, I redownloaded the client and it's working now. Until I try to play Shanghai, and then it crashes afterwards. (How do you earn prize points, anyway?)

Oh God, Kingdom of Loathing is having to reset itself back six weeks. We who have ascended are screwwwwwwed.

Hee! The photogenic MommyBeast pimps my boo(k).

(Speaking of which--if at all possible, read the beginning of LOTR--Story Time with Galadriel--with "Cool Rider" from Grease 2 playing, in your head or otherwise. That's what I was listening to when I wrote it. I mean, clearly, this is the missing piece of character motivation to explain why she fell for the lies of Sauron/Annatar/Jerkface: he was a rider that was cool. Coo-oo-oo-ool.)

(I'm trying to think of any other musical cues y'all might enjoy, and can't. All I remember is that I listened to a lot of Prince and some Sheila E. when I was writing Titanic.)

(I also kind of find it hilarious that a book that includes Vengeful Dolphins, tiny white warrior mice, and Pink Lady Galadriel is reviewed as "accurate.")

firefly_ca: "I don't know if you've seen it or not, but I figured you (and all your readers) would have a good laugh. All I know is, one of my friends sent me this link this evening, and I'm now firmly of the opinion that the regular Backstreet Boys should just give up and the Chinese Backstreet Boys should get all the fangirls." Firefly also mentions an auction a while back for an air guitar (case not sold, for display only) that is a little bit genius.

Oh shit, you guys! They're adding stuff to the SJC catalogue that involves opals and lavender jade. And OPALS.

"King Kong" Super-Sized. What you can possibly say about King Kong for three solid hours is beyond me.

Bush Abandons Push for Miers Nomination. "'Let's move on,' said Republican Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi. 'In a month, who will remember the name Harriet Miers?'"

2 Science Groups Say Kansas Can't Use Their Evolution Papers.

Ala., Detroit to hold services for Rosa Parks.

Hospital workers subpoenaed in post-Katrina deaths.

Star Trek's George Takei is coming out.

Suit: Siegfried taunts, torments, humiliates his magician partner Roy.

Suicide Mistaken for Halloween Decoration. (I don't think that particular story is up at Snopes yet, but count on it being there as a story-proven-true within days, if not hours. Meanwhile, when I went to search for it, I was greeted by this link on the front page: Cabbage Patch dolls designed to get people accustomed to the appearance of mutants following a thermonuclear war (False). There's also a legend at the site about the company dispatching "death" certificates and/or coffins if you sent a doll in to be repaired, which is frickin' hilarious, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I'm just bitter because mine was named Mary Anne, unlike everyone else whose dolls had awesomely cracked-out names like "Phoebe Jolene," my sister's actual doll that she still has to this day.)

Oh, and I was hoping y'all would remember the significance of the new button down there, but in case you don't: please click the breast cancer button this month, even if you never do again, because all clicks are tripled and they're behind on their fundraising goal. And seriously, all you have to do is click, not even give anything.

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