November 23rd, 2005

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More randomness

My sinuses are unhappy. I had best not be getting sick, because I do not have time for that shit.

I hate not getting half my comment notifications, because that's how I read everything. So I'm trying to keep up at Recent Comments, but I don't know that I'm managing all that well.

Hmm... earlier today I was trying to watch the War of the Worlds DVD with my mother, and I finally just had to get up and go upstairs about the time Dakota Fanning decided she needed to go to the little girls' tree. Partly because I did too (well, not the little girls' tree), but mostly because that movie makes me feel panicked and queasy in general. I mean, even as I'm snickering here and there or shouting at people to "RUN, FOOLS!," you have to admit that Spielberg can do tension, and the whole movie is set up to say, this is what it would look like if aliens really did invade. As opposed to Independence Day, which is deeply stupid, but at least that one's fun. WOTW just gives me persistent heebs for two hours.

(WOTW/15M? Same answer.)

I am having way too much fun slowly adding all my major bookmarks to (thanks to luna_k for the link), and considering that I've nearly maxed out my 1000-link Yahoo Bookmarks limit, that's a lot. I'm kind of browsing through old linkspams looking for good permanent things to add as well--news stories tend to evaporate after a few weeks, so none of those. I'll still have linkspam here, but this site allows me to tag the individual links, so if you remember something I posted and want to look it up again, it might be easier to hunt down on my page.

In other news, I had Stevie Nicks' "Stand Back" playing, and I just realized that she's saying "Like a widow, I can't mend" (I guess?), and not "Like a weirdo, I can't bend." (What? Truly, would you not be a weirdo if you couldn't bend?)

The Hollywood Stock Exchange: One of the first sites I ever used when I first got to college and hit the internet big time, and I tend to check in on it every year or two. Oddly, this is actually a good way to play, although I suppose you could get all hectic and Wall Street about it. (Yes, this is completely fictional and imaginary.) Tips, if you want any: Collapse )

Collapse )

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Oh, and while we're here: your Lost discussion entry for the evening.

ETA: I posted this an hour early, but future-dated it to supposedly show up on your friends lists a few minutes before eight. From what I'm hearing... that kind of didn't happen. That'll teach me to get all fancy.

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