January 16th, 2006


*peers up from flop*

I wish I could be fun and blog the Golden Globes tonight, but I'm so exhausted from the weekend that I just want to curl up in a quilt on the couch or something. Unfortunately, the den couch is reserved for the Jack Bauer Power Hour (™ spidey_88), so I'll probably be sitting three feet from my TV in my computer chair. Which means that I'll be at the computer. And... knowing me, I'll end up doing some half-assed combination of both/neither, so... who knows.

(Bravo is rerunning the show on January 21, if you can't catch it tonight.)

Brief linkspam:

Clancy Brown appearing on (joining?) Lost.

Lily Rose (are you akathorne on LJ?): "Nothing says 'I love you, baby-mamma!' like giving your paid incubator a full, inscribed collection of your own movies on DVD."

Poll time! Are you annoyed by the consistent lack of functionality from the 'memories' feature on LJ? You know, the functionality they might want to have worked on BEFORE they unleashed The Nudge upon us?

A bit of movie news, but more importantly a Golden Globes article with nomination list, over on dailydigestnews, because I am trying to be good and update that.

And finally: happy (belated) birthday to edda!

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