January 18th, 2006

jadis - another damn day

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God, I think my sore throat/earache is coming back, which is pissing me off. Although it would explain the random fatigue. As for work, I can't decide if I should plug ahead on the stuff I'm working on, or move on to... other parts I'm working on.

Former President Gerald Ford Hospitalized.

Captors threaten to kill U.S. journalist. This isn't a particularly unusual story, sadly, but it grabbed me because of this: Journalist Jill Carroll, 28, a freelance writer on assignment for the Christian Science Monitor, was kidnapped January 7 in western Baghdad. Basically, I had a "that could have been me" moment. If, you know, I was a journalist. For the Christian Science Monitor. In Iraq.

Minnesota students discover that 'royal' is a sex convict.

Satellite cured the radio star.

Throw rocks at boys! And I managed to beat the game, too!

It's Anna Quindlen's turn to rank on James Frey.

You may never want to go to the dentist again.

Dionaea House updates: loreenmathers has updated. (Thanks, kookaburra1701!)


Crazy Ray Nagin's "chocolate city" MLK Day speech.

Nagin backpedals, apologizes.

My friend Marcus is pissed.

The t-shirts arrive. ("Can we have it without nuts?" Hee.)

Massive Golden Globes/movie spam at dailydigestnews: Isaac Mizrahi gets a handful, Reese gets scammed, Rachel Weisz may join the Batman sequel, casting news for The Prestige, and I have figured out who the Hermione doll looks like. Also, handy top-down run through of the Globes blogging I did, with the earliest on top.

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