January 19th, 2006

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Okay, question. Who's doing this version of "Happy Together" in the first half of the trailer? It sounds very like the Turtles, but I'm 95% sure it's not (faster, and the guy sounds current). A cookie for anyone who finds the real song!

LJ news: All journals are now located at username.livejournal.com (which previously you had to pay to get--it's to avoid a security hack) and communities are community.livejournal.com/username (which I had already noticed, and wondered what that was about).Old URLs will still work, but you can save redirection time if you do switch your bookmarks to the new version.

Project Runway: Livejournal Edition.

Mystery Man Places Roses on Poe Gravesite... for 57 years in a row. (Okay, technically, a man and his sons may be involved.)

Prisoner escapes by dieting. Also by using the "sleeping form made of pillows" trick.

BlackBerry Shutdown May Hurt U.S.

French Face Transplant Patient Smokes Again. Doctors: "Uh, seriously, don't do that."

Two from the Onion: Sean Penn Demands To Know What Asshole Took SeanPenn@ gmail.com and Hi, I Like to Cut Myself.

This site is going down tomorrow, so get it while it's Hoff.

A program that tells you whether your book, based on the title alone, will be a bestseller. The really fun thing to do, naturally, is plug in titles of actual bestsellers.

Clarkson Won't Let 'Idol' Use Her Songs, which makes Simon Cowell a bitchy sad panda. Oh, suck it up, Cowell. If I were Kelly I wouldn't let a bunch of woodling wannabes maul my songs, either--or, worse, knock them out of the park and steal them out from under me. Thanks, but no thanks. Update: "Gah, shut up, you can have them."

From Alison: "I made a documentary (for lack of a better word) of the week I redecorated my room. It's about 10 minutes long, but it takes forever to load. I would love other people's opinions on it. You can find it at queenalison.blogspot.com."

Study: Men Enjoy Seeing Bad People Suffer. Me, I just enjoy seeing annoying celebrities suffer.

dailydigestnews: Syriana screwed, Colin Farrell sues, Caspian on the move, a Beowulf trailer and MULDER SMASH!

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