January 22nd, 2006


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It's been a hard weekend. Because I ran out, I basically had to quit Wellbutrin cold turkey early in the week, and... it wasn't Trainspotting or anything, but it caught up to me on Saturday and I was really, truly, unpleasantly ill. The phrase "rogue bowels" was used once or twice, I'll put it that way. Meanwhile, it looks like we as a family are going to be having a tough time for a while. I can't really say why until the relevant events have finished up, but it doesn't involve anyone's health, marital, or reproductive status, at least. I hate just throwing that out there and leaving y'all to worry, but I don't know who reads this journal, etc., and I don't need to talk about the details before they've actually happened. I was just really ill-equipped to deal with shit this particular weekend, though. We did scrounge up some samples so I'm back on the Wb, and I immediately felt more capable of dealing with life. All I'm saying is, suddenly this passage from Little Women hits closer than usual:

So Jo was satisfied with the investment of her prize money, and fell to work with a cheery spirit, bent on earning more of those delightful checks. She did earn several that year, and began to feel herself a power in the house, for by the magic of a pen, her 'rubbish' turned into comforts for them all. The Duke's Daughter paid the butcher's bill, A Phantom Hand put down a new carpet, and The Curse of the Coventrys proved the blessing of the Marches in the way of groceries and gowns.
Meanwhile, Mom and I watched The Island yesterday, and you know what? It was surprisingly not bad. It was--dare I say it--actually pretty good.

In other news, I am feeling extremely piratey lately. I think it started when I was cleaning out duplicates from some movie picture folders and ended up giving the Pirates of a Caribbean folder a good combing down. From there, it spiraled into a playlist from the soundtrack on my Nano and ordering a pair of boots ("Well, I needed some formal-ish black shoes! And these microfiber ankle boots that just came in are okay, but they bunch weirdly at the ankles, so I think I'm going to exchange them for a pair of mid-calf boots--don't look at me like that! I could wear them with skirts! I DO SO WEAR SKIRTS! OKAY, I DON'T, BUT I COULD!") I think I may curl up and watch the commentary version on the DVD before I get back to work tomorrow--I hear the one with Keira Knightley and Norrington, the guy who plays Norrington, what's his name--Jack Davenport, thank you, is hilarious. So maybe that will cheer me up. And if it doesn't, and if things really do end up going badly for the family finances, I may end up turning to piracy myself. I have a feeling that most people would be so shocked by the sight of a hijacked Manila galleon parked outside their house that, really, they'd just hand over their flatscreens and their PlayStations without much argument at that point. "YARRRR! AND WE BE WANTIN' YER PASTAMAKER, TOO!"

In the meantime, I just made fun icons from product images at Pin-up Girl Clothing. Collapse )


Final Days of Girl's Life Reveal Horrors.

Rescued Thames whale has convulsion and dies, woe.

Frickin' octopus tries to eat submarine, holy shit.

A Washington Post blogger has the back story on what all those security fixes here on LJ were about.

*stabs* (1): Hello, I am an asshat. It's not what he says--I really do believe that putting a marriage first is actually in the best interests of the child, for reasons that will become apparent if you read the article--but the cavalier selfishness with which he says it. "The having an affair approach"? Is that your real name on the byline, sir?

*stabs* (2): Partner's death ends happy life on ranch. It's kind of what you would have wanted for Jack and Ennis, until you get to shit like the last sentence and you want to bomb things.

*stabs* (3): UCLA students urged to expose 'radical' professors. WTF?

More BPAL e-drama: As a customer of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, I feel like other customers should know about the smear campaign being perpetrated online. Yes, it is possible to dislike any or all of the scents. Yes, you can find fault with the shipping times during busy periods. Is it a little suspect if you continually piss and moan and you run a competing business (that has, coincidentally, been accused of 1) using synthetic components and 2) copying other sites' blends, artwork, concepts, and/or descriptions)? Yeah, I think it is. If nothing else, if you see these particular posters bitching and whining about BPAL, you'll know what axe they're grinding.

foresthouse: Lost icon contest.

Monaghan and Lilly engaged?

An Onion oldie for snacky: Fritolaysia Cuts Off Chiplomatic Relations With Snakistan.

Long-Awaited Baby Boomer Die-Off To Begin Soon, Experts Say. There are times when I am not sure the Onion is actually writing satire. God knows I'm looking forward to it.


Playboy magazine set for Indonesia despite protests.

Muslim Group to Call for Writer's Release. The terrorists' deadline passed and we haven't heard anything about the girl yet, but the fact that other Muslim groups are getting involved bodes well.

dailydigestnews, as soon as I go update it: Katiewomb shenanigans--a pictorial; the South Park that Tom doesn't want you to see; a new actress joins the new Spider-Man movie; and a really awesome 2006 preview.

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