January 29th, 2006


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Okay, so all of the imps are sold and I won't bounce any automated monthly payments for a while, which is nice. In BPAL culture, it's important that the seller not price-gouge and make a ridiculous profit off Beth's oils, which leads to people often saying, "Don't worry, the money's going back to the lab." In addition to charging reasonable prices, I mean. You can argue that ridiculous profit is just in the spirit of capitalism; I'm just telling you what the values of the user culture are. Sadly, with me? "It's all going to back to the lab" is probably true as well. Just... not this red hot moment.

(But even so, I already had Budding Moon and Haunted Palace on the way. Have you noticed that the BPAL wait time has gone down like whoa? I've heard about people getting shipping notices already for 1/13 orders. Dude! Also, the Valentine/Lupercalia LEs are still available for two more days [Perfumed Garden! Red Lantern! Smut!].)

Meanwhile, I think the SAG awards are on tonight--I love those, because 1) they're short and 2) TNT always runs them twice in a row, which makes blogging a hell of a lot easier on me. Can't remember if they're drinky or not, though.

ABC's Bob Woodruff seriously injured in Iraq; he and camera operator Doug Vogt are now in stable condition.

From anne_jumps: "Greedy assholes want to get rid of network neutrality." Quote: "Telecommunications companies like AT&T and Verizon are lobbying Congress for the right to control where you go on the Internet, how fast you get there, and how much you pay for the service." Oh, hell to the naw.

Top ten censored news stories of 2005.

More than 1000 Wikipedia alterations by US Representative Staffers.

Photographer catches (male) motorist whaling on (female) bike courier.
JK Rowling gives additional details on the Black family history.

Otakon Enforces Copyright at Artists' Alley.

ProCon.org: Your go-to site the next time you have to debate any side of any issue whatsoever.

Experts: Oprah Sought to Protect Brand. Well, duh. What surprises me is that she waited that long to do it--or rather, that she thought defending Frey at first was the best way to do it.

TV Crime Dramas Aiding Real Life Killers. Bad CSI! No biscuit!

Washington, PA Changes Name to Support Steelers.

Milk Gone Wild: A bizarre PETA campaign. Not safe for... something.

From skyblade: Fun with monopoly cards.

Man Has Cardiac Arrest at Cardiologist Ball. "'If you have to go down, that was the place, I guess,' said Dr. Richard Westerman, a cardiologist who helped save the man."

dailydigestnews: New pics of Clive Owen and Julianne Moore from Alfonso Cuarón's The Children of Men.

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