January 30th, 2006

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I have a shitload of links for you, mostly left over from yesterday while I was trying to blog the SAGs. (Speaking of which, video and screencaps of the drunk heard 'round the world: Heath Ledger is a little teapot, short and stout. Also: Oscar noms bright and early tomorrow. Here's hoping I make a killing on NominOptions over at the Hollywood Stock Exchange.) Not much else to report, as I spent the day feeling like crap. And how, you ask, was this different from any other day, O ye of little health? Well, it involved watering, burning eyes and my nose itching off my face, as well as some aches and chills. I have finally figured it out, y'all: the problem with working (or "working") at home, even when I did venture out a few times a week to class, is that your immune system gets bored from a lack of germ interaction, and then it goes to shit. I am pretty sure I must have picked this up from the bar on Friday night, because the last time I was sick, I was at a party on Friday and then sick on Monday. From now on, I'm going to take zinc the whole weekend if I so much as go out to get a sandwich. That, or build myself a biosphere.

New Video Shows Kidnapped Reporter Jill Carroll Weeping.

Possible Miracle Tied to Pope John Paul II.

Sen. Obama Criticizes Filibuster Tactic. Oh, Barack, you with your logic.

pride4u2: "Oh, and Cleo? I think everyone should know about this. How Bush really plans to spend the $15 billion allocated for [AIDS]. I'm seeing red right now. Just so angry."

Playwright Wendy Wasserstein Dies.  

'Baby Jessica,' Now 19, Reportedly Marries. 

Primary care about to collapse, physicians warn. 

Dominatrix Acquitted in Bondage Death.

David Byrne Says Don't Buy RIAA CDs.

PNH at Making Light: "Michael Bérubé on academic freedom: what it is, how it’s under attack, and why it matters. You must read this post."

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Says He's Stopped Writing for Now.

The cult of Moleskine notebooks. And I was just converted.

Disputed memoirist plugs Jay McInerney novel. Coincidentally, the most recent EW trashed it completely. (No, I will probably not ever stop talking about Frey. Hey, it's better than my completely irrational jus-jellus hate-on for Christopher Paolini.)

Aaron Sorkin writes call girl into TV show; call girl writes Sorkin into memoir.

Biographer Spurling Gets Whitbread Award. I love that she's wearing jeans in the picture, for some reason.

wmetoile: "This morning's New York Times has an article on famous Alabamian Harper Lee that I thought you might like."

BPAL sells a few discontinued blends on eBay.

Cast of 'Lost' Celebrates Ensemble Acting.

The Knitting Olympics!

Inspiring moment I had the other day: one of my first earrings was a pair of gold Laurel Burch cats, and I still wear them to this day. I have a Burch tote bag, another pair of cloisonne cats, I love her stuff to death--and I had no idea that she does much of her work in casts, wheelchairs, or bed.

irishmastermind: "I don't know if you've seen this, but it's very much a OMGWTFPOLARBEAR! moment." I have no idea what's going on, except that it's hilarious.

boarderbunny: "Hey there Cleo! Since the 'Havin' My Alien Baby' Tom Cruise e-card brought so much joy to millions 'round the world I thought I'd whore this link out to you." What is it? Why, Brokeback Squadron.

akathorne: "Some women in Springfield are regretting their decision last week to get a tattoo from a door-to-door tattoo salesman."

dailydigestnews: Order of the Phoenix casting news, Narnia location news, Sundance winners, Toy Story 3 canceled, online bom-chicka-wow-wow, and an unusual amount of TV news, including Firefly/Serenity.

And finally: your deep thought for the day.

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