February 4th, 2006

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The End of the Internet? I linked something similar before, but it's worth reading again. "If Americans are to succeed in designing an equitable digital destiny for themselves, they must mount an intensive opposition similar to the successful challenges to the FCC's media ownership rules in 2003. Without such a public outcry to rein in the GOP's corporate-driven agenda, it is likely that even many of the Democrats who rallied against further consolidation will be 'tamed' by the well-funded lobbying campaigns of the powerful phone and cable industry."

Here's what you can do about it (and if you can, write your own text; it'll mean more).

In more news of internet-related greed: Licking this postage stamp may be a problem.

Syrians Torch Embassies Over Caricatures.

Teen Wanted in Gay Bar Rampage Is Caught.

Red Sea ferry survivors say captain fled.

Two Kidnapped Girls Found, Returned to Dad.

Feminist Author Betty Friedan Dies at 85.

Arson suspected in Alabama church fires.

Jon Stewart explains the difference between Oprah and news. Hint: only one is willing to call out a liar.

E! previews the Super Bowl - the music, the commercials, the movie trailers. There may also be a sporting event in there somewhere.

</font>Schools grapple with policing students' online journals - and whether to police them at all.

Kay Nielsen at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. I had no idea Nielsen worked on Fantasia! I love his illustrations for The Twelve Dancing Princesses (shown at link), and have even used them as writing inspiration. Someday, I have got to track down the book they're in.

From 5000 different people: Brokeback to the Future.

I have word, from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a security guy, that [GIANT LOST SPOILER] Collapse )

Dateline's online predator sting. It's hilarious in an awful sort of way--maybe "absurd" is a better way to put it. "The decoy asks him to bring Mike’s Hard Lemonade and 'southbayguy310' says he’ll bring a camera, hoping she’ll let him take naked pictures of her. As he’s driving to our house, he calls the decoy to get directions. He finds the house but just as he’s pulling up, another man being arrested outside. He calls the decoy to find out what’s going on and Del [the decoy] quickly makes up a story saying her neighbor was arrested for dealing drugs. Amazingly, the police activity isn’t enough stop him." Collapse )

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