February 10th, 2006

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Goodness me, I am chatty today.

Report: White House Knew About Levees. And while we're at it, Ex-FEMA Chief Shifts Katrina Blame to DHS. Of course he does.

A couple of interesting questions on Neil Gaiman's blog--interesting because it involves a skewed way of thinking that I see a lot: Collapse )

Miss out on the imp sale last week? sunshine95 (who I can vouch for) is having one now. Fly, my pretties!

A few Lost things:

1) Hey, is this the tie-in novel they talked about selling? ("In the spring, Disney-owned Hyperion Books will publish its second Lost book, a novel written by the passenger who got sucked into the engine in the pilot. The passenger, Gary Troupe, had e-mailed a manuscript to his publisher, and another copy will be found on the island, Lindelof said. Who actually wrote the book won't be revealed.")

("Bad Twin"? That's the best they can come up with?)

2) Look at the book in Locke's hand. It's either a big ol' giant clue or a total fakeout. (Damn, Wikipedia has already catalogued its appearance in the entry for the story. And while we're there: has this been referenced on the show yet? Because I have a feeling it will be if it hasn't already.)

3) justjayj: "There's nothing like scarring your kids' psyches with your own fandom. My boyfriend's sister and her husband have nicknamed their new baby 'Turniphead.' I felt compelled to crochet about it." Now, that is just ridiculously cute.

4) Catch the extended version of the "Addicted to Lost" video that aired in the Super Bowl! Thank you, incredibly enthusiastic ABC email!

Ken and Barbie to get back together. Collapse )

Speaking of dolls: Another doll from my favorite repaint artist.

Students' Drinking Reported in Blogs. Coincidentally, my first glimpse of the internet was at a summer internship right after I had graduated high school, which means that I handily escaped ever making an idiot of myself on the intarwebs as a minor. 

Another literary sting, as reported by Making Light. A scam literary agency with more heads than a hydra (The Children’s Literary Agency! The New York Literary Agency! The Christian Literary Agency! The Poet’s Literary Agen--STOP LAUGHING!) opens a new branch, the Screenplay Agency. Enter an army of pissed-off screenwriters and their sockpuppets, submitting ringer scripts that no one would accept... and yet, the Screenplay Agency does. (“WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THIRTEEN TWELVE YEAROLDS FIND A RED BIKE AND A MYSTIC CRYSTAL OUTSIDE OF THE SCHOOL DOORS ONE DAY? AN DAVENTURE OF MISTICAL PROPORTIONS!” A positive review, is what. I shit you not.)

Warren Ellis needs a woman's touch for his new comic. Or rather, many, many women's touches. Far more empowering than it sounds.

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