February 27th, 2006

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Random thoughts

>> Important note: I had four of the BPAL envelopes returned to me--the addresses were wrong? All I had to go on were the addresses on y'all's Paypal, so if you paid but haven't received yours, please get back to me in the comments.

>> My mother just up and cleaned the entire refrigerator from top to bottom, with bleach, on Friday afternoon right when she got home. Some vague, pernicious funk was emanating from the fridge, and whether it was animal, vegetable or mineral, we do not know. Yea, we do not know even now, verily, because it had vanished by the time the fridge was clean, and yet she never encountered anything stank on the way down.

(Pernicious Funk will be the name of my next garage band.)

>> All three dogs came home from the vet on Saturday with clean new Easter-print bandannas around their necks. The poms wanted theirs off pretty quickly, but Lucky is still wearing his--and before you start in on me about how making a dog wear a bandanna is tacky and/or cruel, he's worn them before, and he's always very sad when you take the bandanna away to wash it, and always very happy when it comes back. Don't judge my dog for being stylish, okay?

>> I think I had forgotten how very good chocolate-marshmallow-almond ice cream is. (Marshmallow ice cream. Think about that for a moment. It's actually softer and stickier than the chocolate ice cream. Zomg.) I think it just knocked chocolate chip back off the top of my list.

(It's actually chocolate ice cream, marshmallow ice cream, and chocolate-covered almonds, lest I mistakenly give you the impression that almond-flavored ice cream is involved. I have not yet witnessed such a thing.)

>> On Saturday, I finally read Stephen King's On Writing, and was perhaps the last writing-interested person on the planet to do so. It was just one of those things--I wanted the book, I asked for the book, I got the book, I... never read the book. Shit happens, what can I say. I did, however, mark this passage as a truth for the ages:

"In many ways, Eula-Beulah prepared me for literary criticism. After having a two-hundred-pound babysitter fart on your face and yell Pow!, The Village Voice holds few terrors."

>> Courtesy of iczer6, we have a charity request with a twist: a family that's had one hell of a time needs your help getting on Extreme Home Makeover.

SeattlePI.Com: A year of bad luck leaves family struggling to cope: "Todd Downing and his two children, Kayleigh, 8, and Tyler, 11, of West Seattle have endured many hardships over the past year including the death of Sam, his wife and their mother, the death of Todd's father, a flood of sewage to their home on Christmas Eve and a fire which destroyed the home on Valentines Day 2006. Now the family is living in a rental home across the street."

Click the second link (EHM) to see how you can help. And no, collecting money is not involved--it's more "using the power of the people on the internet to make something good happen."

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