March 2nd, 2006

goldberry boldi

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It's the funniest thing--I walked outside yesterday, and it was spring. Around here, spring usually hits the last week of February or so, so it's not like it wasn't right on time. But it's always funny, how you just look up and go, "Damn. It's spring." The daffodils are out in the yards up and down the street; the jasmine on our back fence has started to blossom again; the chirpy birds (as opposed to the cawing birds; we had plenty of those all winter) have come back. The sunlight even looks a little richer, a little more gold, than it did in February, which was the greyest, marshiest, most joyless month we've had for a long time. I kind of miss the cold already, as much as I like spring, but I guess the gardenias should be coming out soon, and cold snaps tend to ruin those. I just wish we had tulip trees--I used to love the ones we had on campus when I was in college, a whole row of them.

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