March 4th, 2006


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God, I have such a headache. Mom really enjoyed the Pride and Prejudice DVD, though. For some reason, her favorite part was... Wickham? She seemed pleased to hear that Keira Knightley snagged that actor for herself in real life. Or jellus. Or both. Also, there were Girl Scout cookies.

Poll: J.K. Rowling: Greatest Living British Writer? I think we all know how this one's going to end: in tears.

Amateur Cracks Secret Nazi Code. Oh, with the help of computers? I'm less impressed now.

Newsvine goes public.

The Calls of Cthulhu. ("Grrr! You stupid Callahan kids—you're the ones who egged my house last Halloween, aren't you?")

Bookslut: "Kimberly Maul looks at the literary adaptations that will play a role in this year's Academy Awards. Also be sure to read our own Liz Miller's take on the Best Adapted Screenplay nominees. It should be pretty interesting--if Brokeback Mountain wins, you can witness a possibly historic turning point for gay-themed cinema and literature. And if Crash wins, you can witness the death of art." (Related: my Oscar predictions.)

20 Calif. Students Suspended Over Web Site. MySpace, specifically. 

Blogs Either Are or Are Not Dying. Good to know that we're certain now.

Online coloring book! I just want to know why the hell Edmund is in a spacesuit, and I think the White Witch wants to know, too.

Grape Juice Good for Aging Brain. As my sister would have said as a child: mmm, grajuice.

Live-action Simpsons intro.

No! You can't change the name!  This movie! Is called! SNAKES! ON! A! PLANE!

Defamer: They Must Press The Button Every 108 Minutes Or Their Forbidden Love Will Die ("Brokeback parodies may be dead, but Jack and Sawyer from Lost are throwing a hell of a wake. Really, another classic").

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