March 8th, 2006


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Oh my God, y'all. Our shower doors (three sliding panels) have been hinky for the last week or so (because, I suspect, Sister Girl slammed into one on her way out of the shower while running late one morning, because one day they were fine and the next day I went to take a shower and they were not), and when I tried to take a bath last night they were even worse--you could barely squeak them open. So after I was done, I decided it was time to fix the doors; they had clearly come off their runners. Well, things went really bad really fast and the middle door ended up falling out. Nothing broke because I caught it in time, but the middle door, the one with the full-length mirror, is just heavy enough that you can't juggle all three at once by yourself. So I go downstairs and, in a move that will later be our undoing, wake Mom up off the couch and ask her to come help me.

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