March 9th, 2006


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Stupid storms. Bad day all around, really, in terms of future prospects--can't really talk about it until it's settled, but they're not my prospects, I'll put it that way. Just prospects that affect me. Oh, and the shower doors are kind of half-fixed (expensively, at that) and half-permanently fucked (sarcastic yay).

It's the kind of day where I'm actually kind of hoping that the power goes out for an hour or so, because that means the brand-new carton of chocolate/almond/marshmallow ice cream will melt and be up for grabs. I mean, it'd be a shame if we wasted all of it, right...?

Oh, and I don't really have time to talk about it (more lightning; one outage already), but we're all livid over the church fires thing. OUT OF MY ALMA MATER(S)!

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