March 14th, 2006


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GUESS WHO STILL HAS A LEAK IN THE ROOF? Yeah, this is after our roof was tarped three times over, or so the contractor claims. Anyhoo, I ended up putting a tupperware bowl (inside a garbage bag [inside a box lid] ) under the leak to make sure that all the scattershot dripping would be caught and not end up, you know, in another box of Nancy Drew books, and that seems to have worked pretty well.

Meanwhile, I spent the morning being unusually productive--not writing-wise, sadly, but in terms of random errands. Much of the morning was given over to decanting my BPAL oils into vials to resell, which means that I'm now sitting in an atmospheric miasma of oils I didn't like enough to keep in the first place--man-musk and pine needles and cinnamon wheat and angry pastry.  I did discover, however, that a simple blank mailing label makes an excellent self-adhesive imp label. And I promise this time that the oils can go out much faster, because 1) I know what I'm doing this time and 2) I actually have the padded envelopes on hand.

Current Nancy Drew: Well, I just finished The Clue of the Leaning Chimney last night and I'm about to start on The Secret of the Wooden Lady; I haven't done any reading today so far.

Tomorrow, I'm going out to lunch with my grandmother and... I'm doing something else. I forget what else.

Beautiful weather, by the way, and we got a bit of the fresh March chill back.

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