April 2nd, 2006


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EEEEEEEE I WON SOMETHING IN THE BPAL RAFFLE. And I only bought two tickets, is the best part. Turns out I won one of Kythryne's Wearable Sculpture pendants (EEEEEEEE).

(I am a bad person who totally forgot to link to evilbearhunter's BPAL swap/sale last weekend like I promised. She has Tintagel and Sugar Skull! Siren is teh yum [no, really, I've been wearing it all week]! Forgive me!)

V for Vendetta Heroine Addict icons. Not too many, mostly alternate colors/compositions, but still. And there are already V/15M icons over at m15m. As always, take anything you want, credit nice but not a big deal, make your own, have a party.

Speaking of which, a return to linkspam, after a week sort of taken off to write V/15M and deal with that:

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