April 9th, 2006


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Good news and bad news: the tornado bypassed us with little more than half an hour of lightning and some hard rain. Unfortunately, it turns out that nothing will ever make me happy, because my reaction was "Worst. Tornado. EVER." My sister has been bringing home loaves upon loaves of bread, including ciabatta, baguette, and Pullman loaf, because she's in bread-baking class now at the Culinard. This would be an extremely good thing except for the fact that we can't figure out how to eat it all. My mother didn't get one job she was looking at, but it turned out that the job was kind of sketch--I mean, it was on the up-and-up and all, but it turns out that some of the employees aren't entirely happy there. She's got another job offer she's looking at, but--given the kind of institution it is--they move slow as Christmas. (All will be revealed if she gets the job.) Meanwhile, I'm actually looking at a job at the same place, and it terrifies me. This is the kind of neurotic you're dealing with, folks.

Also, I went out with the Lovely Emily and the boys and saw V for Vendetta again. It was funny, because I was the only one who had already seen it, and I'm not sure anyone else even had any idea what it was about. Like, not even that it was the least bit political. We didn't talk about the movie at all before we went, either. Happily, I think everyone liked it and was very affected by it. Also, stuff blew up good.

A meme I'd been meaning to do that was making the rounds of writers' blogs: Ten Things I Have Learned About Writing. Collapse )

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