April 21st, 2006


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A few announcements:

Please post links to pictures rather than pictures themselves. And lest anyone feel bad, this is in response to a number of incidents over the last week or so. Number one, it's going to appear in my email without warning no matter how unpleasant it is; number two, if you're worried that people won't look, well, trust me: curiosity will cause people to click a link more times than not. I would appreciate any picture being linked instead of posted in its entirety, but if I personally find it unpleasant in any way, I will definitely screen it, and it will be up to you to repost a proper link, because that's how the cookie crumbles in Cleoland, y'all.

As several people sent this to me: hamlethunt, a community dedicated to getting the New Orleans Facekicking Asshat arrested and prosecuted.

onyx_noir: "There are additional pics of him, including his tattoos, available at the noladarkside community on lj. His hair and clothes he can change, but not his ink." And given that his hair was shocking pink the last time I saw a picture, it is very likely that he would.

And I'll repeat what hamlethunt says: DO NOT go vigilante if you find this guy. When I said that we had a chance of "running into the guy," I meant so we could call the police. As all_ephemera says,

What concerns me is the rampant vigilantism that's going on in this case - the police are involved and what SHOULD be happening is people keep an eye out and if they see him to contact the police. There's a disturbingly real chance that someone else will find him and take it upon themselves to enact a little hometown justice and then THEY'RE going to go to jail. People shouldn't kid themselves that "no one would convict someone for kicking this kids ass" because they will. Or - worst case scenario, this kid Will goes free because he gets a gifted and talented defense lawyer who can use this hooplah to get the trial repeatedly thrown out because the jury pool is tainted. [My note: if he's from Mountain Brook originally, he will have a good lawyer.]

I hope this kid gets caught, prosecuted and thrown in jail, and I hope the girl recovers. I also hope that people can rein in their emotional responses and be able to act like mature adult. Threatening to cut this kids balls off does no one any good except his lawyers.
Here's another reason I'd like to see this guy arrested and prosecuted: this kind of thing happens every day. A friend of mine had an abusive boyfriend in college. My mother had an abusive boyfriend in college. My father threw a small metal vase at her that I still have, and there is still a large dent on the brim where it hit her. Before he left for good, he kicked in screen doors and wood paneling, threw things at my sister and hit my dog--and when the law did finally come for him, it wasn't for physical abuse. Abuse happens every day, and it rarely gets reported. And you know why it happens? Because abusive men (and, when it happens, women) know they won't get reported. They'll wave it off and the police will let them. We need to prosecute abusers so people will understand that it is not something you can get away with. That's why this is important. Not because a pretty girl's face may have been damaged, as much as we might feel for her. It's important because we might be able to prevent it from happening again--prevent other victims from the same pain and suffering--if we find this guy and turn him in to the police peacefully and let the law get a bitchslap in for once.

And you know what the other important thing is? That everyone saw this and was outraged. That everyone saw this and cared. We need people to know that assault does not equal shame, and that people will support them if they come forward. That we will protect them when the abusers come back around. And we need abusers to know that we--as communities and as individuals--care, and that we won't let them do this: that it is not acceptable in the community or under the law.

Also, I hear he might be around Auburn.

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Well, now that that's out of the way:

Last night we had terrible thunder and lightning, heavy rain, and FRICKIN' HAIL. Fortunately, we've gotten three roof estimates: $9600, $6300, and... $4900. That last one? It's from an up-and-coming business that's trying to undercut the competition to get business and its name out there. The guy was very clean-cut, very professional, and told us that he would have five guys and a supervisor at our house and be done in two days. Mr. Almost Ten Thousand Dollars said it would take nearly a week, AND he claims we have rotten wood up there, which is a little like taking your car to a mechanic for an oil change and then being told that you need a new transmission. New Business Guy, on the other hand, said that he didn't see any, and he gave us either three or five references, I forget which, of previous customers that we could (and, knowing my mother, will) call to confirm the quality of their work. If he lives up to his pitch, I'll give y'all the company's name when they're done.

Meanwhile, my internet's been almost completely out the last couple of evenings because of storms, so I'm massively behind on a lot of things. I assume, however, that nothing cataclysmic has happened, or I would have seen it on Yahoo. Probably.

In the meantime, I've been working on my Fantasy Opus, which... sounds incredibly deluded, now that I put it that way. I mean, who doesn't have a Fantasy Opus they've kept in a drawer for twenty years? And mine really is nearly twenty years old--yes, I've been working on it since I was eight, which cannot be a good sign. It's funny, looking over it, to see how much it's changed--hell, when I started, there were talking animals, and now there aren't any. (Well, if there are, they're exceptions to the rule. It's not like Narnia, is what I'm saying.) Major character names have changed, and some of them fairly recently. The biggest problem has been chronology--there are really dozens of storylines, so that basically you could have a series of novels, except that I keep forgetting that Such and Such could not have happened before This and That because Such-and-Such is This-and-That's son. So I sat down while I didn't have internet access and tried to write up a list of everything that happens, and put it in order, which I hadn't successfully done before, mostly because there are five or six countries all with their own histories, and I'd never integrated them all before. And the histories aren't complete, either, which makes it difficult to figure out when and where and who and what and why.

But I put together what I know, and it was... kind of breathtaking. I don't mean the quality of work was breathtaking--I mean that, as a writer, it was amazing to see all the ideas in one place and get a sense, for myself, of continuity. Births, marriages, deaths, battles, reconciliations--and I finally realized that I am going to have to write a favorite character's death, because according to this, he's somewhere around 100 in the later stories and I haven't killed him yet. He's got to go sometime, you know? Doesn't matter if he was in his twenties when he first appeared; the reader deserves to see the end, too, rather than for me to just cop out and have him fade away while his family is still front and center. And seeing it all as a big picture made it a little easier to contemplate, actually.

However, I've got to think of a way to date things. I don't want to borrow the Tolkien conceit of such-and-such year, the Third Age, but... it's supremely weird seeing in my notes that a character was born in 1983.

A couple of links before I go:

Season one (and two. Oops) Lost spoilers: Our favorite siblings are dating in real life.

A print-on-demand publisher PODs her own work and puts it on Amazon. And Powells. And Barnes and Noble. There's absolutely nothing wrong here... except that "her work" is "an alternate-universe Star Wars fanfic." Shouldn't this be... you know... a major legal problem? "Yes, it is for sale on Amazon, but only my family, friends and acquaintances know it’s there." Oh! Well, then! Everyone knows that this completely negates any previous copyright holdings!

If you listen very closely, you can hear sort of a wah... wah sound--the sound of George Lucas's Sith Lawyer Darth Junction firing up the twin blades of his Mighty Mighty Lightsaber of Cease and Desist.

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A few quick things

theredpanther </a>on a benefit in New Orleans for the girl who was assaulted: "There's a benefit to raise money for Heather's medical bills: This next Thursday night, April 27th, at the Whirling Dervish, 1135 Decatur St in the French Quarter. Local stores have donated goods for raffles, etc. There will also be a paypal account set up for her, which will be accessible there so people may make direct donations."

I'm also looking for a good national domestic abuse charity and/or women's shelter those who are interested can support, if anyone knows one. I know of a local one, and I'll post that as well. I'm just trying to make sure I don't direct people towards the shelter equivalent of the Red Cross: big name, big overhead, big mismanagement.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden: "Want to strike a blow against scam agents? Link to the 20 Worst Agents list. While you're at it, link to Writer Beware and Preditors and Editors. You could even link to Everything you wanted to know about literary agents and On the getting of agents. But the 20 Worst Agents list—that's the important one."

Mmm, copypaste. In Semagic, you can just C&P those bad boys right in there, html formatting and all.

sunshine95, regarding the Star Wars fanfic on Amazon: "BAHLEETED!: 'Thank you for your interest in Another Hope. The book has been removed from the Books in Print database and will be removed from book distribution channels effective Tuesday, April 24, 2006.'" Yeah, I thought she'd crack by the end of the day--I figured, if Darth Junction didn't get her, his apprentice Darth Ternet would. Less powerful, yeah, but the dude has no mercy.

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