May 11th, 2006

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Wow, I am tired today. Like, a weird kind of tired--a hungover kind of tired, where I've gotten enough sleep so that I'm not actually tired, but my eyes are puffy and I feel like I'm dragging weights by my ankles. The weird part is that this is a caffeine hangover, as I had two Mountain Dews and a large, commemorative Coke at the movie last night. I think I may have actually still been on a caffeine high when I woke up, which is kind of scary.

So, I was saying: I had a very full day. Also, I have discovered that there's something about the Mission: Impossible theme that will make just about anything seem exciting. So download one below and continue.

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So. My mission, should I have chosen to accept it, and it's pretty obvious that I did, was to complete a media triathlon in nine hours: find and watch a DVD that my grandmother will actually enjoy (and given that 1) Pirates of the Caribbean didn't entirely cut the mustard and 2) we had run out of Jane Austen movies the family owns on DVD, you see what a difficult task this could be); get over to the Vestavia Rave for a 5 pm showing of Mission: Impossible III, or however they're punctuating it today; get to Panera and "ask for a Chris Bonney," in order to get a free dinner; and get back to the house by 7:58 for Lost, because the show tends to start a little early.

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Also, Sister Girl brought home three bags of challah. It was a good day.

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