May 21st, 2006

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Okay, I have seen The Da Vinci Code, which has already grossed more money worldwide on its opening weekend than Revenge of the Sith did. It was... less boring than I expected. Actually, since we're talking about Star Wars already, I spent a good deal of the Obi-Wan Fights a Coughing Sith Droid While Riding a Chinese Dragon sequence hoping for death, since sleep was impossible at that noise level. It just seemed to go on and on and on, lightsaber fight after lightsaber fight and where are we, again? Why are we here? Why do I care? Well, The Da Vinci Code did not make me pray for death. I stayed awake the whole time. I liked the score, because I have a weakness for Hans Zimmer (and it reminded me of the score he did for Hannibal, actually, although with less lovelorn cannibal opera). The movie is, however, talky as all hell; pack a lunch for the scene where Ian McKellen goes to town on The Last Supper. I guess I'd heard so much about it that I was expecting it to be far, far worse. I would be perfectly happy never seeing it again (as opposed to MI3, where I actually did want to see it again, particularly on a big screen), but I don't feel like I wasted my money. You could wait for this one on DVD and not miss much. Spoilers, in case you want to satisfy your curiosity: Collapse )

"Idol" sends "Lost" to new ratings low. Well, shit, people! Look, Taylor's going to win. And I'm not just saying that because we're both from Birmingham; I can't even figure out how he got this far. But we all know he's going to win!  This is not a big surprise! Tivo Idol and watch Lost, for God's sake! Our favorite Scirishman will be back! Also, there will be robot pirate ninjas. Well, I don't actually know that there will be, but of the two shows, which one do you think would be able to deliver on that promise?

Elizabeth: The Golden Age. These are on-set shots from--Thursday, I think? I am stupid excited about this. Also, please notice what has got to be Clive Owen (playing Walter Raleigh) laying down his cloak for Her Cateness. Also, Geoffrey Rush appears to be back as Barbossingham Walsingham as well.

Question: I know that the ruffly-pleaty thing around her neckline is called a ruff. But what do you call the transparent veily thing on the giant heart-shaped frame behind her?

Excellent V/15M text icons from madamtorsion.

Dreamgirls clips set Cannes on fire.

And then they made him their chief: more POTC2 stills.

More stills: Miami Vice, Superman Returns, Lady in the Water (plus a poster).

And now I'm off to write up my notes, of which there are many, because it was a long damn movie.

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