May 27th, 2006

msauvage purple

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And lo, unto us the Infangelina was born.

I have some more linkspam, but I'm really, really full right now. We had marinated steak kabobs (kebabs?) with purple onion and sweet red peppers. Mmmm.

ETA: How to talk to your child about the Brangelina baby:

Is the Brangelina baby better than me? The only way to answer this is directly and honestly. Tell them: Yes, the Brangelina baby is better than you. But Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa all love you very, very much. Less than they love the Brangelina baby, but with as much of their hearts still available.

Can I be friends with the Brangelina baby? No. He/she doesn't care about you. You cannot even look directly at the Brangelina baby. Explain that photos of the Brangelina baby are shot through special lenses, and that prolonged exposure to the Brangelina baby will make your child go blind.

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