June 1st, 2006

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Okay, so I've seen X3. And... I liked individual scenes, but I didn't like it as much as the second movie. Maybe not even as much as the first. And I'm a little tired of the Tragic Love of Wolverine and Jean, when clearly he and Storm, or possibly he and Rogue, should just run away together. Although Rogue is cute with Bobby, so... Storm it is. Also, Kitty? I keep hearing raves about Ellen Page in Hard Candy, but I haven't seen that, obviously, so when my mother turns to me at some point and says, "What's her power again?," I whispered back, "Walking through walls. And mouthbreathing." In other words: not impressed. She didn't even seem to come alive until the Alcatraz sequence. What happened to the girl who played Kitty in the previous movie? (Too young?)

Also, I really didn't like what Ratner did with the movie. Not even what he did, but what he didn't do, which was anything interesting. I don't mean the story--I just mean that he just seemed to park the camera wherever. The Bobby-Pyro battle could have been so much more visually striking, y'all! Come on! The Golden Gate Bridge! The convoy! DO SOMETHING WITH IT! Think about it, for God's sake! Don't just sit there! And you know what? Different camera angles would have made Halle Berry and Kelsey Grammer leaping through the air look a lot less inane. Like, don't show it from a wide angle that reminds me that there's a trampoline just offscreen. You know the part in X2 where troops ambush the school and Wolverine cleans house? I'm saying. I'm not even interested in Superman, but the third trailer was better directed than the entirety of X3.

I didn't mind that they threw a fillion mutants at us and didn't introduce them or explain their powers, because, seriously: we'll figure it out somehow. The movie would have been an hour longer if they'd tried to do that. I mean, Porcupine Boy, Shifty Girl and The Clapper: I've got it covered, I'm good to go.

That said, I think not loving the movie will help me write it up faster. I'm not attached to all the little bits and pieces that drag me down and make these things go a thousand words over. (It's going in the potential book. Still working on The Da Vinci Code to put online.)

Anyhoo, back to work.

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