June 9th, 2006


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Can't... clean... anymore... send help. Got a massive amount done, but--you've heard of black lung? I now have dustbunny lung. Also, no Omen for me. I'm afraid the room (pictured in icon, as the swirling vortex that it is) has broken my spirit, but it was a Very Yelly Cleaningmas earlier this morning:

Collapse ) So now I've had a late lunch and a long shower and I'm going to lie down for a little while and try not to die of a dust clot. Maybe I'll lie down on a bed of loot I found in my room, like a dragon--it's not as good as the time I found perfume, truffles and incense, but this time I did find the aforesaid earrings, three smallish but half-full bottles of New Year's booze (two vodka, one rum), a box of crayons (64), three pairs of tweezers, two pairs of nail clippers, a bag of rubber bands, a folding fan, two skeins of multicolor yarn, and Batman Begins on DVD.

P.S. Happy birthday to brett_the_vet!

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