July 4th, 2006

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Currently winning in the poll: Snakes on Billy Zane with 115 votes, and TICKY BOX! with 339.

Awww! Pirate talk for the wee sprats!
I'm a pirate! That I be!
I sail me ship upon the sea!
I stay up late - till half past three!
And that's a peg below me knee!
Seriously, that is unspeakably cute.

Speaking of baby pirates, the youngest recorded pirate. And here's one who, I think, must be the oldest recorded pirate (check his age at death).

Pictures from the London POTC2 premiere. Apparently, half the cast of Lost (are they doing press in London? P.S. If you've seen both seasons of the show, don't spoil anything in the comments. Yes, I was surprised that [You Know Who] showed up as well, but then I remembered that the Unfortunate Event hasn't happened overseas yet), the elder two Pevensie kids, Freddie Highmore, "Naomie Watson" (poor Naomie Harris), and... Salman Rushdie? are all in attendance. Also, Johnny Depp brings a darling tattoo and Keira brings her thinness. If she were sporting an extra 15 pounds, that dress would be hawt. As it is, some of the pictures taken from the side frighten me.

P.S. Wise up, Orlando! Kate's in love with Superman! KEIRLANDO 4EVAH.

(The Adventures of Keira Knightley's Jaw.)

Meanwhile, I'm doing laundry because we're having another one of our patented Small Family Dinners tonight with my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin. I don't even know if Mom knows what she's doing foodwise. Except that there is a large pan of brownies, I know that. She and my aunt, meanwhile, have just left to go watch my stepfather play the rope drum (a lifelong dream of his) at the American Village. I'm going to try to sneak in some writing--got nothing done last night, which might be for the best: a rest--but I have to wash my hair (a large and curly undertaking) first.

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Just acquired and still listening to the POTC2 soundtrack; will have to get back to you as to relative quality as compared to the first movie. It uses a lot of the themes from the previous score, but it's more complex and more richly orchestrated and... as a result, I kind of don't like it as much so far. Like, it's not the stupidcrackearcandy that the first one is. LESS ATMOSPHERE, MORE ACTION! I know, I'm a philistine.

(I still can't quite get over the Baby Pirate song. "And that's a peg below me knee!" Maybe it's because I'm imagining my stephew singing it.)

(Speaking of baby pirates, the "Davy Jones" track reminds me a lot of a baby crib mobile at the beginning and end. It's... odd.)

Keira Knightley plays down anorexia rumors. I love how, after our discussion today, this article appeared at, like, the speed of thought. However, as discussed here, I think I believe her on this one--anorexics are underweight, but if you're underweight you're not necessarily anorexic. That said? EAAAAAT SOMETHIIIIIIING.

Keith Richards to Be in 'Pirates' Movie. As we have heard many times. And they do keep saying, "It's not certain until he's actually on the set," I imagine because rock-star wrangling is hard. I'm also not entirely sure how this is going to work, as I thought that sunlight killed vampires. (Aw, Keef. I kid. Seriously, the old--early '90s?--episode of SNL where Mike Myers played Mick Jagger and Mick Jagger played Keith Richards makes me laugh just thinking about it. Can't find it on YouTube, though.)

Depp dazzles again in 2nd "Pirates" escapade. Basically, this is a review--with same spoiler that pissed me off in the other one, i.e., what's actually in the chest, because apparently I live under a rock (AND I LIKE IT).

Meanwhile, there were some family tensions earlier in the evening, but frequent applications of barbecued ribs to the afflicted persons improved the situation somewhat. Also, there were brownies. I got a teensy bit of writing done today, but was interrupted (by said dinner) and didn't get back to it. I feel creative yet scattered, like I can't quite focus, but I'd like to.

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