July 8th, 2006


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'Pirates' $55M Estimated Haul Sets Record:

Move over Darth Vader. Captain Jack Sparrow is king for a day. Preliminary estimates released by Disney show that "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" earned $55.5 million on Friday, which would set the record for the largest one-day take at the box office. The previous record was set last year by "Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith," which grossed about $50 million.

The movie was shown on 4,133 screens, beginning at midnight Friday. Only 2004's "Shrek 2" and "Spider-Man 2" debuted on more screens.

Disney also received reports of continuous sellouts and requests to add more screens at multiplexes.

Hey, Em...? Maybe we should get there a little earlier than we planned...?

(Current poll results: 86% give it three stars or more; 72% for ticky box. Pirates of the Caribbean: Even more popular than Ticky Boxes.)

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