July 13th, 2006

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An Entry That Is, In a Way, Partly About My Mother

Pirates Sets Another Record--non-holiday Monday gross. The blurb also mentions that people are speculating that POTC2 could surpass Titanic. I'm not italicizing the title there because I'm supposed to--I'm saying, "they're saying it could SURPASS TITANIC WTF." I have been one of this movie's biggest cheerleaders, and I knew it was going to be big, but there's a point where even I have to step back and drop a whoa. To put it in perspective, though, POTC2 has already made $180-something million as of yesterday; Titanic's U.S. gross was "only" $600M; and there's still three or four, maybe five, weeks left in the summer for most kids. And I really, really think that women and kids are going to drive this one. My mother hasn't been able to talk about anything else for two weeks now, and she's not like me; she likes to see certain movies in the theater (she was really glad I took her to V for Vendetta by the end of it; she loved MI3. So... explosions, is what I'm saying), but she ends up seeing even movies she's excited about on DVD because she just can't get out to the theater with her schedule. All I heard this fall was Syriana this and Munich that, and she only just got the former on DVD a couple of weeks ago, and still hasn't seen Munich.

What I'm getting around to is that my mother actually entertained the idea of going to the early-bird Thursday midnight screening of Pirates. The only reason she didn't was that she had to be up at crack-thirty to go to work the next day, and there was some serious hesitation even on that point. I'm pretty sure she would have just called in sick if it weren't a new job she'd just started. Keep in mind, this is a woman who won't even go to a movie after two p.m. because it would interfere with dinner, which in turn would interfere with her getting to bed on time. I attribute this purely to the power of the Depp. Seriously. She couldn't give a damn about any of his other movies, as far as I can tell--well, I think she liked Sleepy Hollow, but I think she's forgotten he was even in that. It is all about Captain Jack Sparrow, as far as she is concerned. And maybe some kraken on the side.

I'm just saying: if Johnny Depp has this new, sudden power over my mother, what fey thrall does he exert over the rest of the country?

Meanwhile, the POTC3 spoiler picture I linked? Some of the commenters in that entry have reported that the Mandarin characters on the jacket say "pirate"--hai dao, "ocean robber." Which just makes the picture funnier, IMO.

(You know, I just went and looked over the IMDB page for the movie again, and I'm irrationally pleased to see that both Scarlett and Giselle ["I'm not sure I deserved that"] are not only in all three movies, but are being played by the same actresses. I just really like them, for some reason.)

Meanwhile, I feel a little better today, a little less stabby. I went out for a swim today, but that lasted all of about five minutes because I could actually feel my skin burning. I did go and check, though, and no, I don't have any aversion to garlic, so it's probably the increase in my Zoloft dosage that's aggravating that (it definitely has made me sun-sensitive over the last few years I've taken it).

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