July 27th, 2006

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Return of Linky-Link

Okay, geniuses: Firefox keeps crashing on me. I thought that was the whole point of getting it, that it crashed less and was less resistant to viruses...? I've run several spyware checks, a virus check, and I'm about to do another error check. (Yes, I have the new update.) What the hell is going on?

I'm not saying that this is the next Snakes on a Plane, except that I kind of am. Is it not brilliant? I would totally go see this.

la_sonnambula: "Snakes On A Plane necklace!" (STOP WITH THE EXPENSIVE SNAKE STUFF! I can't afford this!)

mermaidrain: "I try to write reviews of everything I get out to see and I hide everything behind cuts to protect the innocent from spoilers. It can be found at mers_moviesnrvw if you want to check it out. I have the unique perspective of someone who is studying film (I hope to be involved in the industry someday in the near future) and I try to add tidbits about the screenwriters or the cinematography or other things I notice about the more artsy aspects of movies. Perhaps some of your fans would be interested in reading it. I try to get out at least once a week to the theater so I try to keep it pretty updated. There's a healthy mix of what I watch as well."

thunderhowl: "Fishclock is an arts collective based in Edmonton, Canada. It's part blog, part group-of-friends/writers, part humor site. They've just started a podcast serial redio show called Orphans, based on superheros. Some of the site is funny, and some is a little shocking, but, they're my friends, and I enjoy it, so maybe I thought some of it would appeal to you and your readers as well."

Chris Cornell to perform the Casino Royale title song. Huh.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer. I have a feeling I'm about to drive away half my readership, but... the Turtles are a teensy bit after my time. My sister watched the cartoon, I'm pretty sure. I was old enough to think it looked stupid. So... yeah.

characterhate: Now Elmo can be a mean drunk all the time.

Movie pictures: Michelle Pfeiffer and (I think) Sienna Miller in Stardust; Keira Knightley in Silk and Atonement; Clive Owen and Cate Blanchett in the Elizabeth sequel.

P.S. Migraines suck.

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So, I have figured out the problem with Firefox: it hates Yahoo Mail. I don't know why; I don't know if it's an extension that's being all cooperative. All I know is, the only time Firefox crashes, it's when I have Yahoo Mail open. Yes, even when I only have one tab open, and that one tab is Yahoo Mail. So I'm going to be using IE for email until I figure out what's wrong with it, which is not all that bad, really.

Extensions I am enjoying the hell out of:

DownloadThemAll (I use Download Accelerator Plus in IE, but it apparently doesn't work in Firefox)
Google Images Re-Linker
Nuke Anything Enhanced
Tab Mix Plus
PDF Download

And yes, I am working on installment three of the writer's block thing. It's just coming out extremely rambly and unfocused, and I'm having to step back and reassess what I want to say.

(If you play Kingdom of Loathing, go to the "Notes" part of your Quest Log and type in "Laura Palmer." Then go check the Trophy Hut. Hee hee.)

New trailer for The Black Dahlia. And here's the stills. WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC autopsy image, second pic in the first row. The Black Dahlia, in case you don't know, was sawed in half by her killer. I'm just saying: Nuke Anything might come in handy here.

P.S. I hear Johnny Depp's going to be on Letterman tonight. I suspect my mother will stay up past her bedtime for this. Also, she's been bonding with a young (gay) guy at her new job over The Fountain (she called me during her lunch hour because she couldn't remember who was in it) and V for Vendetta ("Oh, man, that was so awesome!" "I KNOW!").

ETA: Short spoilery description of Pirates 3 footage at Comic Con. Aww, monkey.

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