August 9th, 2006

galadriel scan

The fun never stops here at Side Effect Central

Zoloft 150, down from 200, day 2: Mmm, hot flashes. I dig the dizziness as well.

"Snakes on a Blog" on a premiere.

Snakes On A Motherfucking Press Junket.

Shouldn't the movie come out first, before we have Rocky Horror-style scripted interactions? 

British journalist weirded out by convention of Harry Potter slash and/or smut writers in Vegas. 

McGregor, Jackman are Tourists. Between this and The Prestige, Hugh Jackman is revealing himself to be a tireless advocate for female fanservice. "They want guys! Pretty guys! Two guys! Get me Jude Law on the phone, stat!"

"Fiction's for girls!" The best part is how plotless, "psychological" fiction is the fault of female writers. Which is weird, because I associate that kind of navel-gazing with hipster male writers. It's also the reason I've said, to hell with that people think is supposed to be "literary"; I want to write books with plots and stories and things that happen, that are also "literary." It just happens that I also think that psychology drives action, and that this Russell Smith in particular is an idiot.

I love Girls Are Pretty--which, by the way, has nothing to do with girls or pretty. Each day is a "holiday" of some sort, if you will. Today: "Everyone's Pretty Sure You're the Reason All the Kids Are Going Missing Around Here Day!"

From particle_person: Do you believe in the right to arm bears? The Substance Abuse page is gold, by the way. But then, it's a special feature on Jasper Fforde's site, so...

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