August 11th, 2006

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Yeah... apparently Mr. Stop Getting Your Gay in My Wholesomely Violent Television was for real. I kept trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. I kept trying to think of scenarios in which some smartass techie was like, "Okay, the name of this company is already hilarious. Clearly, some kind of deliciously ironic prank has to be played or my purpose in life has not been fulfilled." But no. Apparently the email was sincere. Damn.

Have you seen the Gwyneth Paltrow "I Am African" ad? More to the point, have you seen the parodies of it?

George R.R. Martin blows off some steam about air travel security measures on his (yes, his. Yes, real) livejournal. Commenter tells him to "keep his political opinions to himself." Martin manages not to explode from the gall of someone telling him to STFU on his own journal. But only just barely.

(Dear Mr. Martin: You're going about this all wrong. You don't dignify asshattery with actual interaction; you just say "Thanks for playing" or "What are your thoughts on yaoi?" or "Okay!," freeze the thread, and possibly ban the user if you feel particularly frisky. It's extremely satisfying and they can't sass you back.)

The new security measures are getting to everyone, actually: Jackson Getting Really Tired Of These Motherfucking Shampoo Bottles On His Motherfucking Plane.

All That Gold, and Dead Man's Chest is Still in the Red? The two Pirates sequels may have cost $600 million? What were they spending it on? I keep telling people, drugstore eyeliner is just as good as the fancy stuff, but no one ever listens to me.

(Okay, it's a water movie. Water movies rack up expenses--and delays, which are themselves expensive--like whoa. See also Waterworld; Titanic. EVEN SO.)

(I just figured out why Pirates 3 is going to be in May instead of July: duh, Harry Potter. Yeah, I wouldn't play chicken with that franchise either.)

So tonight, we're going out somewhere for dinner (although I think I'm going to have to swear off the booze as long as I'm futzing with meds... sigh) and then to the Alabama Theatre for North by Northwest, which I have managed not to see so far in my movie-loving life. Now, I love me some Vertigo and Rebecca and, particularly, Shadow of a Doubt, but somehow, North by Northwest was just one of those movies I meant to see but never did. So I'm actually really excited that the first time I see it is going to be on a big screen--and in an old-fashioned movie theater, at that. The only other time I've been to the Alabama, it was for Desk Set when I was about nine years old, IIRC. It was a friend's birthday, and her dad was... the projectionist? I think? We sat in the mezzanine, and it was awesome. I'm expecting it to be much smaller than I remember, since I was, after all, still in the single digits at the time. In conclusion: exciting.

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