August 15th, 2006



Updates on Troy Hake, The Gaybaiting Gardener of Independence, Oregon. Independence, Oregon? With a company called Outside Pride? I'm sorry, the Daily Show has to be behind this. I can't fathom a world with irony levels this high. Anyway, someone needs to post this on otf_wank, because we have

>>a company rep sockpuppeting positive comments on the Garden Watchdog website, complete with an IP tracing bust by the webmaster;

>> the company stonewalling torridjoe from the Loaded Orygun, the blogger who's been investigating all this, and refusing to give him any information for a PR or communications contact, as apparently their position on public relations is not to have any;

>> a company president refusing to answer or return (polite) phone calls, although that's perhaps to be expected, because if I'd done something this ill-advised, I wouldn't answer to my own name, either;

>> the president then changing his number so that torridjoe can't call him (politely) again;

>> and the mainstream media ignoring the whole thing completely.

I don't know about you, but I think a gardening company president (mis)using a customer mailing list to rail against the ruination of his family-hour heteroteleviolence by The Gays is kind of newsworthy. It's Daily Show-worthy, if nothing else. Quoth torridjoe, "Will you help? Margaret Haberman is the regional news team leader for The Oregonian, and in addition to email they still appear to use phones over there: (503) 221-8375. For the Salem Statesman-Journal, this is a local story, and you can tell them they should be covering it: (503) 399-6773. We don't get paid to hold people like Troy Hake, the Gaybaiting Gardener of Independence, Ore. accountable, but the regular media do." And as he commented on my previous entry, "Thanks a lot--let's just not make this a bitchfest, OK? Let's try to get some action on this dope." Oh, Joe--have you ever come to the right place.

Fly! Fly in a polite, civil manner that is more effective than flaming, my pretties!

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