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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

This just in
msauvage purple

Solar system loses a planet. Which, to us laypeople, sounds a little like declaring that there are now only six days in a week. Meanwhile, Pluto and Tom Cruise are down at a bar drowning their sorrows. "Fourteen years! I was with them for fourteen years!" "Try seventy-six, crybaby!"

Ten show concepts that would still be less stupid, inflammatory, and/or ill-advised (pick one) than Four Square Racial War Survivor:

  1. Geeks vs. jocks

  2. PC vs. Mac

  3. Democrats vs. Republicans

  4. Bulimics vs. anorexics

  5. East Coast vs. West Coast

  6. Deaf-mutes vs. amputees

  7. Two-legs vs. four-legs

  8. Jews vs. Nazis

  9. Christians vs. lions

  10. Ninjas vs. robots

Allen called Sidarth a what?

And somewhere, Mark Burnett's like, "If they won't let him legislate anymore, we should totally hire that guy for our show."

ETA: People, ninjas vs. pirates is not on the list because that would be a good idea. Ninjas vs. robots is a fundamentally flawed (i.e., stupid) idea because seawater would rust the robots (she said, with a perfectly straight face).

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