August 30th, 2006

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Well, I feel much better today, for no particular reason. I even made lunch, which is unusual. I haven't started the Lamictal yet--I kind of wanted to wait until the weekend so I could have one calm week--this week--of the other two medications at their usual dosage, since we've been screwing with the numbers so much lately. That, and if I have some kind of adverse reaction (which I can't imagine I would, at 25 mg) to the Lamictal, people will be home this weekend in case something happens. "The weekend" is kind of an arbitrary start date, just to feel like I'm imposing some kind of schedule on things.

While we're here, I feel like I should say something about the way I look at all this. The thing about talking about all of this on a public journal is that people do get very concerned for you and even protective of you, I think, and they end up trying to give you advice that's--well, not "unfounded," necessarily. Maybe more like "preaching to the choir." I don't know. Collapse )

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Little Miss Linky-Link

My Tibetan cuff bracelets that I bought for a penny each plus shipping from China, shut up came in this afternoon! I love them. Really, it was a pretty good day all around--I got in a swim, I ate real food, I got presents that I bought myself, shut up in the mail. Here's hoping tomorrow starts a trend.

theferrett and I discuss Little Miss Sunshine a bit.

Holy shit: "All the girls in the beauty pageant, except Abigail Breslin, were veterans of real beauty pageants. They looked the same and performed the same acts as they had in their real-life pageants." Source interview: "So for us the issue was, how are we going to present this pageant in a way that can be as neutral as possible. For the most part, anyone who’s never seen what really goes on there, they’re going to be shocked by it. It’s a pretty shocking little subculture. But our goal was to try to just present it authentically, to just get real girls who do what they really do – we didn’t tell them when to smile, we didn’t tell them how to stand, we didn’t tell them anything." Let's revisit that picture again, shall we? I am terrified now.

You've seen the LMS directors' work before; you just may not have known it.

la_sonnambula on John Mark Karr and his visions of movie stardom: "And the movie wouldn't be just a little indie nugget either, it would be a blockbuster raking in $1 billion. He also told professor Tracey, 'I'm not gay, damn it. I am attracted to female children.' And he wants to have a sex change and become a nanny in Europe." Sadly, it was when we got to the "one billion dollars" part that I, the movie freak, went, "Okay, now I know bitch crazy." Also, way to get your slime on the transgender community while you're at it, Buffalo Bill.

Rome, Venice fests feud over broken pact. FIGHT! FIGHT!

Venice opens with grim murder movie "Black Dahlia." As opposed to the cheerful, happy-go-lucky murder movies you see so often.

Film to show doomed love of Spanish matador Manolete. Remember the on-set pictures of Adrien Brody in a hot pink matador costume? I know, it was a long time ago. They're from this movie. It actually sounds pretty interesting.

It's not that fewer books are being challenged--it's that we're not hearing about it. Sigh.

theatre_angel: "I feel a little bad asking this, but: for your next linkspam, whenever that may be, could you possibly put up this, which is a link to NRDC's new video campaign for their efforts to protect the Arctic Refuge from Bush's oil drilling. Because when your mother tells you to pimp something, it's hard to say no."

The Vile Videos. "'12 Books in 120 Seconds,' the first in a series of three panic-stricken videos leading up to The End, has appeared at Narrated by the infamous Tim Curry, it threatens to expose you to everything the Baudelaire orphans have suffered so far, in less time than it takes to brush one’s teeth." First poster to comment that "they stole your idea zomg!" gets slapped with a wet noodle. Like, a really big one. Lasagna, maybe.

CBS magazine slims down Couric in photo. "Couric, 49, said she hadn't known about the digitally reworked version until she saw the issue. The former NBC Today show host told the Daily News, 'I liked the first picture better because there's more of me to love.'" Awww.

The brains behind writer's block: new views of the muse. So... hypomania/hypergrafia is in one lobe, and writer's block is in the other? And maybe someday they'll be able to treat block? That kind of blows my mind. Also, it should make you feel a lot less guilty about being blocked in the first place.

Awww, a pimp for the book.

These totally go with my Flaming Chicken of DOOOOOM icon. Mmm, chicken.

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