September 2nd, 2006

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Bring on the mantis medicine

Lamictal, Day One: Head has not exploded yet. I feel a little--I wouldn't say caffeinated, because I don't feel buzzy; I just feel very, very awake. This may be because I overslept until noon and didn't take my normal medication until nearly one. The important thing is, I'm not dead (yet).

(I'm kidding.)


(Yes, I probably will be documenting my medication progress here. Number one, it's my journal, and number two, it might help someone. I don't know.)

Damned Spot update: Prognosis not good. Publix employees apparently have never heard of Soilove before, much less stocked it. I think I'm going to try the Diet Coke thing next, after Sister Girl's left for the night--she still doesn't know, after all.

Randomly felt like reading some Bradbury, so I pulled out a paperback I got for Christmas and haven't read yet--which describes a lot of books, quite frankly (Christmas, with me, is the holiday that keeps on giving several months later). It's a Grand Masters edition of The Golden Apples of the Sun and R Is for Rocket combined, and I'm all the way through the former and a couple of stories into the latter. I also have Something Wicked This Way Comes, which I haven't read since my freshman year of college (my original Bradbury kick). I love his short stories--I love short stories in general, the shorter the better. I'm not saying that a story that short isn't about character, because character helps, but it's more a sweet flash of idea and imagery, which is actually harder to pull off in a lot of ways, than a long, rambling character piece that may end up feeling plotless.

The other thing I like about Bradbury is that reading his work makes me want to write. He's good enough that it's inspiring, but not so soul-crushingly good that you're scared off.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm trying to find a good Empress Sissi (Elisabeth of Austria) biography--any recommendations?

(I have some linkspam for later, but there's one that I'm almost not even sure I should post, particularly after discussing depression so much recently. Maybe later, away from that context.)

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