September 7th, 2006

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Caffeine hosannas

Lamictal, Day 5: The initial new-medication buzz is wearing off. Still feeling fairly good, though, and--strangely enough--my appetite is better. I'm struggling a little with the writing, but I think that's because I've reached the "need more input" phase of having written myself out and needing more research and/or material inspiration.

Also, I'm sleeping really, really well.

I opened the fridge this morning to get some milk and there... exactly at my eye level, next to the iced tea... was a gleaming peridot bottle of Mountain Dew. It may have had sunbeams from heaven and angels floating around it singing holy arias; I was still a little groggy. Sister Girl must have left it in there for later, since she's off work today for a Culinard thing this evening. I stood there and stared at it for a very long time. I could still go downstairs and get it, you know. It could be mine. It could be mine.

Irwin family to decline offer of state funeral.

Colleges grapple with student suicides. Yeah, I'm pretty sure changing the locks isn't the way to handle it.

Austrian discusses years of captivity.

Time to Learn a New Word: "Unbox." An interesting download-only Netflix alternative from Amazon that will include day-after episodes of TV shows.

New Republic editor discovered to have sockpuppeted his own blog.

James Frey and Random House settle reader lawsuits. "Readers who bought the book on or before Jan. 26, the day Frey and the publisher acknowledged that he had made up parts of the book, will be eligible for a full refund, The New York Times reported Thursday, citing an anonymous source familiar with the negotiations. The readers claimed in a lawsuit that they had been defrauded because the book was sold as a memoir instead of fiction."

Gwen Stefani Gets All Dolled Up.

Ah, the unphotoshopped Gawker picture. It... doesn't look much more like the parents, really. People are saying it has Tom or Katie's eyes, but I don't see it. But at least I don't feel like the baby's going to suck my soul out through my tear ducts with this one.

The Fountain booed in Venice? I actually sat up and cried "WHAT?" out loud. That is how invested I have become in this movie.

Terry Gilliam to make graphic novels when he can't make movies.

"Perfume" film released after 15 year rights battle. By the way, I found a trailer on my hard drive that I didn't even remember downloading. They left the orgy in.

MGM plans 5 movie sequels. "Wednesday's announcement included the unveiling of thrillers Species 4, WarGames 2, Into the Blue 2 and romance Cutting Edge 3, along the Legally Blonde title which, Sands said, will not star Oscar winner Witherspoon." Well, I know I'm excited now.

Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory, possibly Prince Valiant. Just go look at the picture. You'll understand.

Paris Hilton, DUI, blah blah blah. It's a tough call--you can't enjoy the schadenfreude without acknowledging her existence, which is basically her evil plan in the first place.

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Just a few things

Oops, I was wrong--I had started writing today's first entry yesterday, so today is actually day six. Because I know you care.

sigma7: "Comics creator extraordinaire and LJ-er Lea Hernandez, aka divalea, just lost her house, artwork and several pets in a house fire. Thankfully she and the family made it out unhurt, but obviously they can use any help they can get. Paypal info here, but prayers and good vibes are also good. She's one of the good ones, so keep her and the family in your thoughts."

Design for new WTC towers unveiled. I don't quite have an opinion on any of it yet; I just know that it is destined, by law, to cause a lot of yelling and arguing.

Mice don't actually like cheese. Instead, scientists say, they prefer grains and fruits to something like cheese that they wouldn't find in their natural habitat, so it would be better to bait a mousetrap with cereal. I hear the free-range Froot Loop works well.

Sean Bean and Tilda Swinton to play Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. The most intriguing thing about the whole project to me, though, is that the cowriter--i.e., the person updating from Shakespeare--is apparently the same actor who was Mark Antony in that hilarious-awful Empire thing I never finished recapping (shhhhh) and was Brad Pitt's right hand man in Troy. Which is... something else I wrote about.

Picture from the Hairspray set. I am not looking forward to the time when we will be bombarded with trailers and posters and commercials of this movie, because... that ain't right. The triangular hair is all wrong for a jaw like that, for starters. Bouffant, Travolta, bouffant!

Guerilla artist Banksy tampered with 500 copies of Paris Hilton's debut album "across 48 record shops in the UK by replacing the CD with his own remixes featuring such titles as Why am I Famous?, What Have I Done? and What Am I For? as well as swapping out her picture on the CD sleeve with one of her topless and [another] with a dog's head." Seriously, click through to the link where they have scans of the tampered CD booklet. Not only is it priceless, but I would rather pay for that than I would the real thing.

You know you're a geek when you get this joke: "Beren For Congress: He'll clean up government single-handed!"

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