September 8th, 2006

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"Suspected Bank Robber's Pants Explode"

Lamictal, Day 7: It's weird--I don't feel like I'm "on drugs" at all, which is a sign that it's a good fit, but at the same time, I could definitely feel an effect earlier in the week that's fading now. So I have another week on 25 mg before we go up to 50 mg, at which point I'll probably feel it again. In the meantime, though, I keep forgetting that we didn't just add a medication--we also cut my Wellbutrin in half, which I finally realized explains why I can't concentrate at all. I mean, I can, but for someone who's used to marathon reading sessions, it's disconcerting to have difficulty staying on task with a simple Wikipedia article. I have more success if I curl up with a book, but reading news or articles on the computer is a lot harder at the moment. And all of this is because I was put on Wellbutrin because it's an antidepressant, yes, and because it affects a brain chemical (I forget which one) that Zoloft doesn't, but mostly to treat attention problems, since Adderall wasn't working (or rather, it was a blunter instrument than I needed).

(Which deserves a sidenote unto itself: I was the last person, literally the last person in the world, ever, that you would have suspected of being ADD, if your idea of ADD was "hyperactive." I was hypoactive. I spent my entire childhood in a book. It turns out, however, that a lot of girls manifest attention disorders as being very dreamy--not being hyper, per se. I rarely paid attention in class; I was usually writing, in a notebook half-hidden in my lap, or under the cover of taking "notes," but there were a lot of classes where I was listening to the lecture with one ear and composing bad poetry with the other. If that makes any sense, which it... kind of doesn't. Anyway. A class like government/econ [which was taught by two football coaches anyway], I could swing it. A class like math, well... I failed a semester exam one time, let's just put it that way.)

Suddenly my habit of parenthetical digressions makes a lot more sense, doesn't it?


Armitage says he was source in CIA leak.

Ellen DeGeneres Tapped to Host Oscars.

A sneak peek of "Simpsons" online Friday.

Jackie Chan wants to be respected like De Niro.

Panda accidentally crushes cub in China.

stardustshine: "I'd like to ask you to post a link to petfinder so that we can Help Petie. I came across his story the other day at and it just broke my heart. The rescue is trying to raise money by the end of October to give him surgery to fix a bone deformity. Of course there is not an animal rescue in the country that does not need need donations of time and money, so even if your readers can't donate at this time, I hope everyone will keep in mind that there are hundreds of hard cases like Petie that need support any time you can give it."

Poor Dooce: "The only way I can possibly begin to describe this man and his office is to compare it to a graphic science fiction/horror comic book, it was that unsettling. He began by telling me that the incision that my doctor had made on my arm could have made the problem much worse, because by cutting into the cancer like she did she could have deposited diseased cells into the deeper layers of skin. When I reminded him that he was the one who had told her to just go ahead and cut it out herself, he said, 'Really? That was pretty stupid of me, wasn’t it?' EXCUSE ME FOR A MOMENT WHILE I PICK OUT AN EXPENSIVE FABRIC FOR MY CASKET."

Wandering around Flickr last night, I ended up at Madame Talbot's (she has an account.) Fantastic. I want the vampire poster so bad. Not only that, but Madame Talbot's links page is outstanding. On that page alone, I found headless historical dolls (actually, they do come with heads; the heads just aren't... attached); "Chateau Bizarre, Small Business at Its Strangest," or, "Weird Shit You Might Enjoy Buying" (and how!); Art of Adornment; Prodigies: Drawings of Anomalous Humans; old and rare books from A Grave Affair; and the cutest Edward Gorey necklace ever. Not to mention this fantastic blog. Which is why I haven't elaborated much on the primary linkspam, because I'm off reading (see title of entry).

I think I need to come to grips with the fact that autumn really is my favorite season of the year. I thought it was late spring, with the cool weather and the pretty, pretty flowers, but I was so very, very wrong.

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Completely random thoughts on a Friday night

Talking about sleeping and/or dreaming through math made me think of the one math class I took in college, which was the lowest-level math I could get myself into short of telling my advisor, "Look, I'm an idiot." I think it was some kind of pre-cal. Maybe even pre-trig. I think I may have taken a level I had already taken in high school, and still struggled with it a bit. That's all fine and dandy. What I really wanted to tell you about, for no good reason, was the single memory I have of that entire class. Let's call this guy "Ted." Ted was kind of disgusting. He didn't mean to be, but he really should have seen a doctor about all that mucus. I mean, a whole semester of it? I'm just saying. So one day, we're having whatever lecture on whatever mathy thing that I retained for approximately two days afterwards, and Ted reaches down into the front pocket of his grubby bookbag and pulls out a snack: a box of Chick-fil-A nuggets. Here's the thing: We did have a Chick-fil-A window on campus in the old caf (actually the little caf off the big caf) my freshman year before an entirely new student center was built. We did have one. And it opened at ten o'clock in the morning. But our class was at nine am.

I leave you to your own horrifying conclusions.

From theferrett: The Schrödinger's Cat Toy collectible.

I love that there is actually a Circus Skills category on Wikipedia.

Fraser On Board Third Mummy. I have a bad feeling about this.

The new website for Marie Antoinette is up. I'm rereading the Fraser (no, Antonia. Yes, I know that turned out kind of weird there) bio (the one the movie was based upon--Fraser apparently thought the movie turned out wonderfully, according to a commenter whose post I will totally dig up who saw her at a book signing), and I notice that a lot of the in-depth info about the "characters," as it were, is paraphrased from her book. (The little section about pets at Versailles, for example.) I'm assuming they have her permission, so I'm viewing this as a good thing, since I love that book. Thus concludes your daily requirement of parentheses.

Lost season three poster. Whee, Desmond!

New Casino Royale trailer. I haven't downloaded it yet, but I'm hearing that it's awesome.

Sephora readers' top makeup choices, or Makeup I Can't Afford to Buy.

As we previously suspected the last time I mentioned Four Square Racial War Survivor, host Jeff Probst is a genuine idiot. "Until Survivor host Jeff Probst sat in on casting sessions for the CBS reality series's new edition, in which competitors were picked and put into 'tribes' based on their ethnic background, he had not realized that 'Asian' includes Japanese, Koreans and Chinese and that they do not necessarily like each other as a matter of ethnic solidarity. 'When you start talking to a person from Asia, you realize -- Wow! They have all different backgrounds!' [...] 'And I found myself saying to the Asian doctor, "Where in Asia is your family from?"' The dentist said he was Korean. 'The only reason I had the courage to even ask that question or the knowledge to ask that question was I'd just spent 39 days with people from Korea,' Probst said." Yes, as far as I can tell, he's being perfectly serious. No, I don't know how he manages to walk upright either.

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