September 28th, 2006

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Three-day pile-up

So I cried in the doctor's office yesterday. Fantastic. Fortunately, it was the kind of doctor who has not only a large, soothingly lit desk, but a regulation box of Kleenex on that desk. She agrees with me that the Lamictal sounds like it's doing well, and I'll be jumping up to 100 mg on Saturday, per the instructions on the packet, and each week after that, I'll be adding another 25 mg until we get to 200, at which point we'll decide if I want to stay up there or come back down some.

Meanwhile, still trying to sort Black Ribbon out. I'm getting so much further into the overall story that I'm having to mentally tie up some loose ends before I proceed. There are at least three minor male characters that I kind of need to figure out before I proceed--all of them are at the very least mentioned in the story as it exists online, and I kind of need to figure out where I'm going with them, as my initial ideas have changed. Not drastically, just... you want to tighten that kind of thing up, if you're unsure. That, and I'm bringing several new characters in from another story I folded into the Black Ribbon universe, which means that several bits will be added to the story--one is an inventor friend of Rose's father, for example, which I liked because he was a pre-existing character in another story who could fill an empty slot in Black Ribbon. You just need to time to sort these things out.

(There's a site I stumbled across a while back, where you could create your own free wikipedia--the way that Kingdom of Loathing has a fansite-run wiki, that kind of thing. I realized immediately that it would be great for helping a writer during the world-building process--you could have all of your notes in one place linking to everything relevant, because I'm always forgetting things and planning them out all over again*. I'll find the link again if anyone's interested.)

* I happened to open a document tonight that was last updated 9/28/03--that's right, exactly three years ago, to the day. And I didn't remember writing any of it. Also, I'm sitting here going over a list of minor characters muttering, "Carmichael's wife's name is Lucy? Who the hell is Carmichael?"

Another unusually awful news story, this one about the latest school shooting that was, for a change of pace, perpetrated by random homeless man in his fifties. You know, I generally like the month of September, but I'm starting to think this one can just go fuck off and die.

Links that are, if not actually amusing, at the very least not depressing:

stefficus: "Anyone gearing up for NaNoWriMo 2006 might want this shiny stuff: a couple of cute, post-anywhere progress meters and a word count utility. And now the pimp request - we want writers over at the International Story-a-Day Group, or isadg. T.he basic premise is that we post a random title every day, and everyone writes a short story to go with it. it's deadly quiet over there right now, but since the original title list and idea came from the NaNoWriMo forums, i thought trying to revive it as a way to limber up the writerly muscles for november would be fun. there's an expanded title list (still culled from the adopt-a-title threads at NaNo), and i promise there will be a title every day in october if i have to crawl to the public library and post from there.

silvergleam: "I really enjoy your posts/ writing and wanted to get the word out (and hopefully encourage others to buy the book.) So I've created a Facebook group which is available here for view (assuming you have Facebook). It's called Movies in 15 Minutes=Pure Elysium. I just wanted to make you aware of it, and, if you want, you can post on your blog for the m15m community so that people will know it exists and (all those of us who are it's everybody who wants a Facebook) can come join and we can all talk about our love for your parodies!" Awww, bless.

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Someone linked to one of those BMW short films (read: really nice commercials) that used to run on the BMW website. You know, the ones with Clive Owen. Collapse )

Also, best wishes and good thoughts for Lily Rose. We're all thinking about you. Like, in a good way, not a creepy way.

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