September 30th, 2006

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Just a quick note to say that, while it wasn't the site I was thinking of, at least a couple of commenters suggested PB Wiki, which has turned out to be STUPID EASY. You have to remember, you're talking to someone who thought that Page Builder over on Geocities, The Webhost of Kings, was the best thing ever. I spent a couple of hours last night setting up (literally) 70 entries and HOOOOOO, did I have geeky fun. Mine's currently private while I noodle around with it, but I'm also struck by a certain problem: what you, the reader, need in a wiki is not what I, the writer, need in a wiki. I the writer need a page breaking down exactly which villain does what and which plot twist is where. You the reader might like that, but I as the writer can't allow you to have that. I mean, particularly since most of this stuff isn't even finished, much less published. So I'm trying to decide if I want to write this for me or for you (and there are so many minor characters running around that people have told me that they would like a cheat sheet). At the moment, it sounds a hell of a lot smarter to write it for me, because that's where most of the work is, and... a wiki for a three-chapter WIP online? Who actually needs that? It's more the kind of thing you need after the damn thing's published in its entirety, which... is not gonna be for a while, and that's even if I'm lucky. So yeah. On the balance, it looks like this one's gonna have to be just for me.

And then I went and set up a wiki for my fantasy epic thingy that is definitely just for me. On the downside, I do have a headache now.

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