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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

Leaves falling to the ground, randomness in the air
msauvage purple

More school shootings. October's not going to be any better, is it?

(Are we in a retrograde of some kind? Again?)

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Director fights to get out of father's shadow. To my shock, this was not about Sofia Coppola.

George Michael Arrested on Drug Charges. I am seriously beginning to wonder if this man is ever going to be able to pull his shit together.

Seven-metre fingernails win place in book of records. With undated picture of much shorter nails, which is scary enough. "Redmond, 65, earned an entry in the latest edition of Guinness World Records with the world's longest fingernails that have now reached a resplendent 24 feet 7 inches (7.51metres)." That's got to be some kind of typo. Twenty-four feet. Jesus. I can't even fathom that.

Discworld Cake.

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Back to writing, of which I'm getting a good bit done today.

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