October 5th, 2006

msauvage purple

Mostly Lostly

And within an hour of the recap, a We [Heart] Muffin group on Facebook.

Made a few icons; had to be done. Fonts are Arial Black and Fiolex Girls (the heartsy font). They're lj-cut because some international folks aren't up to season three yet.

Collapse )

'Lost' has puzzling season premiere.

I'm hearing now that Collapse )

Bride's parents charged with kidnapping.

'Peter Pan' sequel launched worldwide on centenary of creation.

Madonna's people are deny that she adopted a Malawi child. "But she is 'adopting entire country.'"

Second POTC ride to replace Tom Sawyer attraction.

Dunst Understands Boos for Her Character. Also, she looks fab.

Back to my LitGoth reading, because I've gotten behind.

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October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month