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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

Chez Cleo
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Haven't really written about anything actually going on around here for a while. My medication (Lamictal, day 35) isn't doing so well at the moment. The twings are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!Collapse )

On the upside, my mother made an Italian cream cake for Sister Girl's newish boyfriend (I have got to think of a code name for him. Hee! Maybe I should call him Mister Girl), and she was in a hurry, trying to make it before she went to work, and tried to de-pan the three cake layers while they were still too warm. The layers proceeded to break and crumble in a way that you could not just paste them back together with icing (cream cheese), so my poor mother came home at lunch the same day and baked three more layers. The reason this is a good thing is that we now get to eat the other three layers for scrap. I put them in a wide, flat round Tupperware container we call "the cupcake thing," after its most common use, and we've been nibbling on them all week.

Also, next Saturday, we're going to see Dracula. Dracula the ballet. I find this hilarious in its very concept. And the nice thing was, Sister Girl decided we should go because she knows I'm a total Dracula fangirl. Awww.

Also, I went back and read a few season one recaps (no, I didn't do any of season two except the first episode. I know, I'm horrible) to remind myself of all the nicknames and such, and came across this bit from the Jack's Wedding episode: Lost season three speculationCollapse )

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