October 9th, 2006

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Done learnt myself cross-eyed

I think I had a mild hypomanic episode today; I spent the afternoon seemingly hellbent on researching myself stupid. (Wait, can you do that? By definition, can you learn yourself stupid?) Things I found out:

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In less murderous news:

shoiryu: "Hey, Cleo, can I ask you to pimp this out? helpweep is the coordination center for assisting WEEP of Canada, an environmental education program that uses non-releasable birds of prey to raise environmental awareness. The program is in serious danger of closing, and if that's the case, all their birds are going to be euthanized. It seems a good enough cause for some attention."

Mrs. Coulter appears. I dunno, she's a little blonder than I wanted, but it is Nicole Kidman, so...

Giant diamond sells for more than $12 million.

Quick gothlit recs from reynardine, since my internet's being fritzing in and out every five minutes (quite literally): "I've been reading some scary short stories myself from A Treasury of American Horror Stories. One of the creepiest has been Pickman's Model by H.P. Lovecraft. The prose isn't quite as overwrought as some of his other works (and no Cthulu), but this is a very well-crafted horror story. Twilla by Tom Reamy was also very good, as was Desiree's Baby by Kate Chopin." I actually have Chopin's on to-read list, and one of the things I wanted to do was break down some of the less tentacly Lovecraft stories, because the man really does have an excellent grasp of atmosphere when he's not fhtagning it up.

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