October 12th, 2006

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Sorry about the length

Several corrections made to the recap from last night--Sun's full name, Bitchiet's real name, the taser-safety issue, and a couple of other things. And for those of you new to the "Im in ur base, killin ur doodz" meme, a quick review.

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skycrashesdown: "That WEEP link reminds me of something I wouldn't mind having you post as linkspam: This past weekend, some vandals broke into a pet store in Seattle called Animal Talk. They destroyed a great deal of it, stole all the reptiles, killed a lot of the smaller animals by stepping on them, and let all of the cats out. Here is a post in the Seattle community with an email from the store:

"By way of update about Animal Talk, the vet bills are still accumulating. Initially it was thought that the cats were only released so the vandals could watch them go after the rodents, but the cats are coming up with injuries that the vet described as 'having been drop-kicked'. Back, head and internal injuries are still being found. This afternoon one cat that had seemed fine suddenly started bleeding badly from its nose. A lot of the cats were so traumatized by what happened that they're still on sedatives as well."
Here are updates on the situation and a Paypal link to donate money. If you would consider posting it, that would be so awesome."

thyroyalmajesty: "Hey Cleo! I have a humble pimp request for a future linkspam post. Dan McVicar is an actor on The Bold and the Beautiful, who also makes appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He's got a vlog, the McVlog (full disclosure: my boyfriend is the head writer and co-producer), and he's hosting this year's Vloggies, the awards show for video bloggers in San Francisco. What with vlogging being all newsworthy with the LonelyGirl15 "scandal" and YouTube being bought for $1.6 billion dollars, I thought I'd pimp this new(ish), cheesetastic vlog. And don't let the soap-opera smarm fool you; Dan does some interesting interviews with prominent bloggers/vloggers/internet pioneers, plus other celebs."

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